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for those of you into poop desperation...

Started by goodneighbour, June 05, 2011, 12:43:54 PM

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Found this Japanese website/blog with a plethora of poop scenes from assorted Manga and some TV shows. Link:

Here's one of my favs out of the bunch(Even though the art leaves a lot to be desired):


A clip from a German show that i cannot get to work, i think due to location??

Anyway translation is as follows:

While Svea wipes the board, her classmates mix laxatives into her drinking bottle. The effect is not long in coming?

Not sure if anyone else has any better luck



It's a dead message board, what did you expect?  :S
Welp... I'm fucked...


A toilet fairy is something I'd want :3 I don't expect much since most good content is in smaller groups.


Something i stumbled across the other day. Girl jumps up and down while holding her butt and screaming that she's going to poop. Phone rings and woman in bathroom tells her to answer it first, so the girl picks up the phone and greets the caller with "I'm gonna poop!"
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