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for those of you into poop desperation...

Started by goodneighbour, June 05, 2011, 12:43:54 PM

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Quote from: kevinspencer on February 02, 2016, 01:45:33 PMthanks man! any idea on the second one mentioned in the post? i don't even know what it was called so i can't look for it

Here ya go:

It's in volume 1. Which is the one with the 1.

By the way, the translated name of the manga appears to be J[Jay]. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a translated version of the manga.


This doujin involving Asuna from SAO has a very good desperation scene involving laxative-kind of drug, just beware with the rest of scat stuff if you're not fan of it...

[Author - Irie Yamazaki]

exhentai ->


e-hentai ->


Just saw something very interesting in episode 8 of Rune Soldier. This girl Merrill unknowingly took a laxative that was meant for, and originally given to Louie, and she runs off holding her butt after he leaves. She appears several more times throughout the episode, only to step out of the bathroom and immediately run back inside when the diarrhea hits her again. Pretty girl but she looks pretty haggard by the end of the episode.

It's like the scene in Dragon Half, only in reverse with the cute girl getting it instead.
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Clip from a TV Show called Pobre Rico Pobre from 2008

2 girls do the old laxative prank on each other because of a guy (i think).

Only a small clip but cannot find the full episode.

Nothing spectacular I admit but the whole laxative prank is my favourite premise.


Episode 6013 of the german Soap Opera Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten has some rather good Laxative-Desperation, search for it in Google Video


hi could you provide a link and/or time of this scene as  I am having trouble finding it on Google. Thansk


It´s actually episode 6014 (sorry about that, i did not knew the episodes were split in half) you can find it on


hi thanks for the update, really like the scene. Although why you would spike yourself with laxatives is confusing ha ha ha


She wanted to be sick so she could stay with her boyfriend instead of having to leave for a field trip. But it kicked in to fast and she had to leave in a different manner... but people eat laxatives for many reasons, there is a scene in the british show "Emmerdale", where a Woman mistakes Ex-Lax Chocolates for normal Chocolate and,welll...


Quote from: wunderwutzl on July 05, 2016, 01:44:15 AM
It´s actually episode 6014 (sorry about that, i did not knew the episodes were split in half) you can find it on

Drinks laxative around 10:56
Desperation around 14:28, 17:08, & 21:30


We got another laxative scene: UnReal season 2 episode 9 titled 'Espionage'. A hot chick in a tight white dress gets poisoned with a laxative and ends up shitting herself on Live TV. Nothing is actually shown but we do get to hear some nice sound effects. Link:


Great news guys!! :clap:

There is laxative story in the 2nd volume of Giant Killing no Dark Hero light novel which is recently released.

The heroine (Kamine Yun, the girl in the 2nd volume cover, an idol) trying to beat the MC (Agi Soushiro, he looks like Hiruma from Eyeshield 21) by giving him laxative mixed water before the fight, unfortunately the MC somehow know her plan already and switch the water bottle so she ends up drink the laxative instead.

So as the laxative kicked in the middle of the battle, she has forced to surrender and run to the toilet quickly because otherwise she would have become a scat idol in public, lol. There is also supposedly a scene where the MC block her way from toilet door and threaten her with smartphone camera and such..... well I have not yet found a proper translation of the summary so I can't tell correctly what happened during that scene although it obvious later that she will join the MC's team after losing that fight.

Now if this series sells well, let's expect that it will get manga adaptation soon once it reach 5 or 6 volumes next year and hopefully followed by anime announcement later because a LOT of similar series like this get anime adaptation to promote the novels.

Update : I did some dig in and found out that this is from the same author of Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de, it seems like the anime adaptation is truly only matter of time after all, prediction in two years from now.

Another Update : Here is the illustration from 2nd volume when the MC threatening the idol in the "crisis" and full image of her battle suit during that fight, at least for now we can have a brief depiction about that scene.


Our old pal "Schloß Einstein" has once again something to offer, a boy (accidently) slips his teachers Laxatives in Episode 852.