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for those of you into poop desperation...

Started by goodneighbour, June 05, 2011, 12:43:54 PM

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So there's a horror movie called 'The Green Inferno' that apparently has a scene where a woman shits her pants. Unfortunately, the movie is relatively new so I can't find a video of it.


Yay, another bucket of water! there is another desperation scene involving laxative from doujin "Princess Prison" :

There is only exhentai link, its not available on e-hentai (yet?).


Found another bucket on exhentai, what's more exciting story than having your best friend betray you by spiking your drink with laxative and make you her own personal sex slave? it's from compilation scat manga called "Osen Gangu", the mentioned story start at page 114 :


Seems like I got a misconception about the story, it's involving supernatural clones or something. The girl (the victim) has a clone, she is the one that switch the girl's drink with laxative, not her "real" friend, it's all actually the plan of her friend's "evil clone" while her "real" friend didn't aware of what's happening. It's a little bit confusing.

And I just realized too that chapter 12 & 13 of Aricore Comic from my previous post also has some desperation scene in it :


Anthology scat manga compilation "Toilet no Himitsu" has a lot of desperation scene almost in all chapters :



Try to add exhentai plugin on your browser to get past of that sad panda, that's why I always try to looking for e-hentai link instead but they're not available, the newest stuff always updated on exhentai first.


Well, the shit scene from 'The Green Inferno' turned out to be... Uhh... shit. Here it is:

Why would a movie with extremely explicit gore scenes go such a subtle and tame route with this? And why was it done in a somewhat comical manner?


I gotta be honest, I hated that scene. I guess I'm not a fan of to people suffering, even when shit is involved. I dunno, I just felt really bad for the poor girl the whole scene. And it was especially weird with how comedic it was all supposed to be. I wasn't sure what to feel, but aroused definitely wasn't it.

Also, it didn't help that it used every stock diarrhea sound effect under the sun. Seriously, those sounds were ripped straight from Dumb and Dumber.


Episode 4 of Euphoria animated the laxative-diaper scene from the game involving the teacher :  (17:24)

Specific CG from the game :  (pic 385)



New anime movie from the creators of AnoHana : Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda / The Anthem of the Heart -Beautiful Word, Beautiful World- (why the English title has different meaning??)

So summary, the main character Jun Naruse is cursed. Whenever she tries to talk, she would get stomachache (but not when sing??) not sure if it was just a mere abdominal pain or else, but in the trailer showed her leaving the class complete with stomach sound effect.

Trailer :

Need to wait until the Blu-ray/DVD release.


Quote from: deaduser on September 25, 2015, 06:28:44 PM
Well, episode 12 of Prison School covered the chapter of the Manga with the short desperation scene involving the Vice President. It ain't much... but it's something:

Oh boy.....

The same girl in that toilet scene from Zombie Ass Toilet of the Dead now playing Meiko/Vice President in the live action adaptation of Prison School, this gonna be something.

Still waiting for a legit poop desperation involving one the girls from the manga.


This has been around for so long...

Episode 2 of NarutoSD Sakura has tummy trouble, it strongly implied with the sound effect and as she went to the bathroom later (short scene but it's something...)

Episode 43 also has some toilet jokes involving Sakura and Hinata (yes, girls go to the toilet too, Rock Lee can't just accept the reality)


Well, this is unexpected... if I have to choose, Victory Gundam is the least Gundam series I would watch. This damn show probably one of the darkest Gundam series ever where Tomino goes full kill 'em all mode despite the series is about 13 years old kid surrounded by shrike team full of adult woman, good luck guessing which characters beside Uso Ewin that make it alive until the end...

Anyway, episode 20 featuring short desperation scene from enemy ship crews because some sort of radiation from microwave transmitter, you can spot few girls between them.     (17:00)


Last minutes of Angel Beats OVA 02 has short diarrhea scene involving that noisy band girl because eating bad raw liver.

And I just realized it now that.... Angel Beats is actually Jun Maeda's attempt with guro without killing the actual character??