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Let's all pull together to make this a great place once again

Started by JackO, May 09, 2011, 03:08:09 PM

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Okay, so since totally opening up the site it seems like posting has come to a standstill from members, and really let's just say that it'd be great if we all pulled together to make this an active posting community.

If you've registered and enjoy the pictures, the post! There's enough boards on a variety of subjects, you'll find something you like for sure!

If you've posted an intro and nothing else, don't be afraid, we just need to get this place back on its feet.

I'm not saying its anyone's fault that things got this way but I see that we have enough traffic to make a fairly active forum so its beyond me as to why we aren't so active.

Just 3 days ago, we had the most people ever on the forums, browsing. Let's make this a great place to be by making it actively great. I hope we can all make a difference.  :clap:


Sounds fair enough to me. I don't want to whine or be an ass or anything but I personally think I tried "pretty hard" after registering to find topics to post in and wrote a couple long and detailed posts as well as posted a story of how I got into this whole fetish. I tend to post something long rather than just a few words but when replies are few and far between motivation drops really fast. I don't blame anyone because I know that there are reasons for everyone to post less but I honestly don't know what I can do to turn this around!

I mean I recently found that game thread and I really like a few things in there, but except that I feel like I don't know where to post. I dug up a few topics and posted my opinion but guess I only found threads that had sort of already died. I have more stories as well but if only one guy liked my first one I don't know if there's any use of me posting another one.

So well, to sum up I guess even if there are a million topics and stuff I don't really know where to post or what to say. It's just a weird feeling I have. I will continue to browse and post whenever I find something where I can actually add to the discussion but can't really promise much I guess. I do want an active board though, and if the chat is still up I wouldn't mind figuring out how to get in there either =P


I come back here about 1ce or 2ce a week to check up how it's going along, I think I need to be more active- First I'll start by finding a good sig... Hmm...
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Well, I never posted much anyway (I'm fairly shy to begin with, and I really don't feel comfortable talking about this kind of thing.), but even lately I've been coming here less and less. Not that I'm moving away from the fetish, or that I find any fault with this place, but one of the main reasons I came here on a regular basis was to upload content I found on other sites to the gallery. With the new (Though I think it was "upgraded" like a year or so ago, so "new" may not be the best word here.) gallery system, members are unable to upload content directly to it. Sure I could start a thread or w/e, but I guess I find that rather awkward.

Granted what the OP described, was that there's been plenty of visitors, but no actual discussion, so in retrospect the previous paragraph was entirely unrelated. The only thing I can think of is that animepee is surpassing its inspiration in some way. It would probably fuck things over even worse, but is a merger a possibility?


A merger is not a possibility.

Secondly, I'm not sure but don't members actually have ability to post in the gallery? I'm certain I saw MKFan post there. Might be something just for advanced members, though.... I'll have to check in on that later...

Welp... I'm fucked...


Well, the only reason I suggest that is because the site seems to be a fair bit more active than this one.

Anyway, your former self seems to think the gallery thing isn't possible/acceptable.

e: Oh, and it doesn't appear to be advanced member-exclusive either. I'm in that group and see now way to upload anything.


That post was from a long time ago. Might I suggest you look in my official complaint thread "Seriously, how did things..." for the basic policy?

As for it being membergroup-specific, I will look again and see why I saw MKFan able to post and you not being able to post.

EDIT: There's a picture posted by a non-advanced member there from April 27th, 2011, so I see no reason why anyone above guest-status shouldn't be able to post. If you're still not able to post, then I'll have the Tech Admin (Duce) look more closely into it.

Welp... I'm fucked...


You have to go into the album you want before adding pics, you can't do it from the gallery main page anymore.
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Gah, Only if there weren't as many leechers. (You know, Come only for pictures then leave)
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Don't take whatever I said seriously, Unless it has to do with anything I do-er-we-as-sh-... yeah. Just read what I wrote :(

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I don't find any reply my post even my English doesn't so good but I try but no one answer.
If no one make me welcome why can I post something for you?
I'm sorry, but I try it and no one is answer me, so I don't have time to waste someone doesn't talk me too.