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For those who consider themselves straight, would you consider group sex?

Started by Mighty Oracle, April 04, 2011, 10:32:06 PM

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Mighty Oracle

I'm talking about male/female/male and female/male/female, respectively. Some people think that as long as you aren't fiddling with the other person, there's nothing gay about it, while others posit that just by virtue of two people of the same sex being naked, there's a gay connotation to be had. Where do you draw the line personally?

I'm bisexual myself, so the question doesn't really apply to me.

Clem Trilling

I thought two women was normal... ;) Naw, bitches don't like it either, in my experience. I think I've gotten as far as making out with two in the same outing, then they held a conference and decided between themselves.

I've actually been in the former scenario, though, unfortunately, and I had to be completely hammered to get there, no "consideration" involved. It was not pleasurable, or even tolerable for long, giving the other prick the benefit of the doubt about his wayward groping, so this threesome didn't "make it."  I would describe this as the sort of exploratory behavior one might engage in dispassionately before committing suicide.