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Shikkin SCHOOL (NOW with partial walkthough!)

Started by Qasim, February 10, 2011, 02:13:31 AM

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I updated the patch file to work with version 1.5 of the game


Anybody knows what ability do you obtain on level 10? Seems like nothing changed


Level 10 allows you to convince Manami (girl in the track suit) to return Nozomi's notebook after class (instead of going to the bathroom first), which causes her to use the faculty bathroom instead of the gym bathroom.

As with the other levels, the only new requests you get at level 10 are the ones that require you to do this, so knowing it beforehand is only useful if you can't read the requests.


How does this game actually work?  There's a counter on my screen that takes me to the credits every time I hit 13.  How to I submit quests and get new ones?


Talk to the people in the starting room (by standing on them and pressing spacebar) to get quests. Complete quests by being close enough to see a girl when the thing the quest describes happens. In general, as long as the girl's portrait on the right side of the screen shows what's going on, you'll get credit for it if you have the appropriate quest assigned at the time. Completed quests are marked with a 'O' at the bottom of the screen, and rewards are granted automatically at the end of the day (13:00, like you said). Completing all the available quests allows you to do the next 'level', usually by unlocking a new item or giving new dialog options.


I'm stuck at level 10
I think some of the requests involves the teacher wetting herself but I don't know how to use the notebook on her


How do you do the level 7 quests that don't involve Nozomi?  I'm stuck.


apparently the password on the download as be changed when extracting the files :(

wait nevermind im blind
edit: how ever i installed app local and i get syntacs errors when trying to run the game


I managed to obtain the teacher's wetting on level 10. You need to syncronize time for both pink haired girl from the gym and teacher come to the batroom. The teacher will let her go first with easily predictible outcome) I've already forgot the timing but you can figure it out by yourself. Just use the journal on pink girl and then let the teacher out in the proper time. This quest involves a lot of running)))

There are two more quests on 10 lev I cannot solve. One of them sounds like wetting in queue and the other is about both girls wetting at the same time. I have tried different combinations but with no sucсess. Does anyone know how to complete those?


For the first of those, I think it's what you get if you send Manami to the staff bathroom but not Kaori. You have to lock yourself in the stall and not come out until she comes over to knock on the door.
For the second one, send both Kaori and Manami to the bathroom again, lock yourself in the stall before either one gets there and don't come out. That way Manami wets herself and starts crying, then Kaori wets herself. I got to level 13, but there are still two I can't figure out.


Is the translation project still getting updated? I tried to add something to the spreadsheet but it is read only


i get syntax  error when trying to use this :( i downloaded app local. no luck

nevermind sorted, now to try play


New version! (as of 7/3/11)
New girl! Name: かな (Kana)

Download here
both passwords are the same as always


Does anyone know how to get the home economics room key?


There isn't one. Only the gym and the science room have keys.

edit: Oh snap, looks like I just missed it. This one makes less sense than the gym room key, but whatever works I guess.