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School Girl Courage Test series

Started by nullname, February 10, 2017, 01:52:33 AM

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Hi all

last week someone send this game to me.
[女子校生肝だめし 4 / Schoolgirl Test of Courage 4]
after play 2 or 3 round I can make girl poop their panties while faint.
anybody here play this game ?
I want to know can I make girl piss/poop their panties without faint ?



After playing around a couple of these games I don't think you can cause accidents without scaring them unconscious. A big draw for this game is fear wettings and adult activities and while things like desperation are in here, they don't play a big role in the game.

(I do realize this may be 3 months too late, also if you want to further talk about desperation games please use the pinned topic. It was made to minimize the amount of these topics and while it has been pretty inactive, it doesn't mean no one is looking at it. )