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Started by FallenStar, February 08, 2011, 07:07:42 PM

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On the advice of several members and moderators of the forum, I have had Duce make it so that guests can see the forum and the gallery. Also, if what he tells me is correct, all members outside of guests can actually upload to the gallery now.

We have not yet decided what to do with the image uploading boards, so for now, they will remain as is.

Hopefully, this will encourage people to post; if not, ah well... I think I'm getting past the point of really hoping people will post no matter what action I take.  *shrug*

FallenStar - Site Admin
Welp... I'm fucked...


well, here's to hoping it works.
Maybe i should make some new threads to help spur activity.


If I stop to posting here, it is because no one can answer when I try open or say something in forum places.  If it becaause my bad English then it can just be waste our time, is that so?  I don't want waste time for you, but I want answer if I post something by someone and it didn't happen many post.  How can new people feel calm to post here if they judged and don't any answer get because so new here.  Just me thinking, so so sorry it is not clear.