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Avatar re-size from photobucket

Started by Sophie1618, August 04, 2011, 11:41:11 AM

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Being here only for a few minutes and I'm writing my first topic on complaints' section... (n.n")

I tried use a avatar from photobucket and I noticed that it was a bit big (that roll-bars appeared on avatar... -.-"). So I resized the image on photobucket itself to 120x120 and tried atualize/modify the avatar again here. But seems that it isn't atualizing... (i.i)

Something that I need do/know?

I'm sorry if it was complained and solved in another topic, but I couldn't find it... (n.n")


Bigger size that won't cause scroll bars if you want it:  :clap:

Click thumbnail to expand it slightly xD


Yeah, worked!  :clap:

But I think that browser configuration influences the appearance of scroll bars. Today I logged on Chrome and the other avatar was atualized and normal (without the scroll bars... o.o").

But this bigger is better...

Thanks Scoozums! (n.n)


Anytime :)

And yeah I don't really like the scroll bars when using larger avatars but it does help to keep them from stretching the board more than they have to.