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What if: Part 1 "Gender swap"

Started by Serika, November 10, 2010, 08:48:34 PM

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I've decided to start a series of sexual "what if" topics. I have several ideas, maybe i'll make one topic per week. Let's start the first one with gender swapping. What if you became the opposite sex for 24 hours?

In this scenario, you have found a genie that will grant you just one wish. Whatever you originally wished for, the genie decides to play a joke and turn you into the opposite sex for 24 hours. There is nothing you can do to prevent this from happening and no way to change back before time is up. Your new body is perfect and sexy by most standards. You look completely different instead of just looking like a female/male version of yourself so your friends and family don't recognize you. The genie tells you one last thing before disappearing and taking his lamp with him. Whatever harm comes to your new body won't be transferred to your old body, so when time runs out you don't keep any STDs you picked up.

What do you do?
On the internet you're only as smrt as your spell checker.


I highly doubt that if I were a hot, sexy, attractive female that my life would be all that different. Although masturbating might be a hell of a lot harder to clean up after.  :lol:

EDIT: I'd just like to add that if Serika was a hot, sexy "Misaki" (that is to say, a 12 year old newhalf), I'd be even more tempted as a female to go and... "play"... xD

Welp... I'm fucked...


Quote from: FallenStar on November 11, 2010, 12:14:54 AM
EDIT: I'd just like to add that if Serika was a hot, sexy "Misaki"
I don't see how anyone could become a futanari by changing into the opposite sex, unless this person was a neutral to start out with. If you start out as a hermaphrodite you would be turned into a neutral, and that would SUCK. xD

As for me, considering the time limit i think i would be the whore queen of the universe for that one day. I'd put on some outrageously slutty clothing and try to have sex with over 9000 guys, all at the same time, in public, while a news crew films me live on the evening news.

If i could be a woman for the rest of my life then i would be more respectable. :lol:
On the internet you're only as smrt as your spell checker.


Well, I'm a girl... so in this scenario, I'd be a guy! Eeep!  :blink:
Oh well.... I think I would spend many hours, just playing with my balls. I love balls, I think they're too cute! :drool:
And... I'm also Bi, so I think I would love to see how it feels, to be inside of a girl. To make her moan under me. :drool:


Record videos of me wetting myself, so i would have them for later... :drool: