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What would YOU do if you witnessed an IRL desperation wetting?

Started by Teumessian, November 09, 2010, 02:15:19 AM

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Hmm, you're right.  From a fantasy standpoint of course it seems easy, but in real life girls have to be very cautious because, well, it's a dangerous world.

That said I would knock her out with some chloroform and smuggle her to a safe place to get cleaned up away from prying eyes.  I would do this of course as a selfless act only for her good...

Kidding, kidding!  Don't look at me like that.
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Yeah, I'd play the nice guy route. :B

When she saw me I'd simply say I saw her run out from the party and I thought something was wrong so I followed her to see if I could help. I'd offer to drive her back to her house if she wanted where she could get changed.


I think if a girl met someone by getting caught like this she would be suspicious of his motives. Indeed, all of us here would have sufficient motivation to watch an attractive woman have an accident. There probably isn't anything you could say in this situation to get her to like you.

If you already know her before she wets herself in front of you things might go better. At least she wouldn't be able to say you only love her for her bladder. :p
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Offer her a ride home, tell 'em it's okay etc... GO ME!  :clap:


As much as I'm into female wetting, I don't think I'd find this situation at all erotic. My interests are centred around voluntary wetting, so a genuine accident by someone who probably isn't into wetting would be embarrassing.

I'd want to help her, but I would also be well aware of how likely that might be to scare her. So I would probably ask if she needed me to fetch one of her friends, or if she had any spare clothes in her car, or something along those lines. I certainly wouldn't see it as an excuse to hit on her.


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Attempt to assist the young lady, and revel in her shame and embarrassment.