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What would YOU do if you witnessed an IRL desperation wetting?

Started by Teumessian, November 09, 2010, 02:15:19 AM

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Alright kiddies, it's story/poll time!

Now, I know that the nature of this fetish implies that many of us have almost never encountered a situation where a member of the opposite sex actually wets themselves out of desperation. Indeed, most of our most personal experiences with this likely ended before primary school was over. That being said, I doubt any of us have given any real thought as to what we would DO if we encountered someone in the midst of a wetting accident IRL. Therefore, allow me to whip up a scenario that ties in with the poll, in order to better illustrate my question, complete with gratuitous detail and tl;dr:

A friend has invited you to an INSANE party at his house on a Saturday night. Theres booze, music, and plenty of women of questionable moral character. Although you don't know most of the people there, you're having a great time. You also notice that the bathrooms are all queued like lines at an amusement park. No biggie, you don't need to go.

It is at this point your eye catches a girl who sticks out somewhat from the crowd. She's standing at the very back of the line to the bathroom, not talking to anyone and slightly hunched over. You can tell that if it weren't for sheer embarrassment, she'd have her hands jammed into her crotch and dancing from foot-to-foot. Her ponytail bounces as you watch her squirm slightly. She's wearing a hoodie with the zipper open with some ironic graphic t-shirt underneath, and a pair of tight, light-tan khaki capris that hugged closely to her hips.

Suddenly, you see it. A small, almost unnoticeable wet spot blossoms out on the back of her pants, where the backs of her legs meets her butt. Her priorities shift instantly, and she buries her hands into her crotch. She jumps out of the line and hobbles for the front door, trying to attract as little attention as possible. As she opens the front door and scurries outside, you makes some lame excuse to your friend about getting something from you car, and follow her. Your heart is beating out of your ribcage and you pray that you don't lose her in the darkness.

You get outside just in time to see her cutting through the front lawn, heading toward a small alley next to the house, seemingly oblivious to her surroundings. However, you're somewhat surprised at how quiet it is outside, and while being as stealthy as humanly possible, tail her by about five yards. Suddenly, she freezes, and you nearly fall on your face from the sudden change in pace. She gasps sharply and lets out a panicked "No, no, not here". Although you're a safe distance away, you swear you heard a brief "Hisss". Immediately, she breaks into a half run, her hands now jammed inside her pants, panties, and directly on her girlhood. She rounds the corner to the alley, and you follow suit right as she does. However, again you stop short.

No more than 2 yards away, you see her bent over, fumbling vainly with the belt on her capris. "I can't hold it!!" she breathes, doubled over with her knees bent slightly. The moonlight hits her perfectly, and you see the wet spot right below her butt expand in constant, squirting bursts. A quiet "hssss, hssss, hssss, hssss" resonates in the alley. She gives up trying to loosen the belt, ramming her hands back over her crotch in one last attempt to stop the cascade. However, even as you see her clench even tighter, her body spasming arhythmically, you see the wetness snake down both her clamped legs, reaching the bottom of her legs and making a constant, loud patter on the ground. Her Converse shoes are slowly drenched, and a puddle grows quickly around her feet. You are absolutely stunned, COMPLETELY caught off guard at the sight of this attractive young woman losing control and having an accident only FEET away from you. But suddenly.

She turns around. Which brings me to the question in ...... er ...... question.



I have witnessed a few desp wettings, though none exactly like the above situation.  I would, of course, offer her a ride home.  If she asked why I was there I would play the whole "I saw you walk out and you looked like you might not be feeling well, etc etc" card, which would actually be true.

I'm guessing most of the others will answer simalarly.  I *have* actually driven a girl home after she had an accident, but I knew her very well so it wasn't like this.

PS, there's an extra 'would' in your title.
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I would do the right thing. I probably wouldn't even get that aroused by it at the time, there's a certain state of mind I have to be in. It would be a pretty damn hot memory to relive though.



Quote from: Teumessian on November 09, 2010, 02:15:19 AM
women of questionable moral character.

Well this is a hard choice. I wouldn't mind helping her, but i can't drive and it is very unlikely i would have a change of clothes with me. If i flirt with her she probably wouldn't be in the mood, not unless she wets herself ALL the time. She wouldn't laugh at a pee joke unless she was really drunk and running away would only prove that i was watching her.

First i would have to play it off like i went outside for some fresh air, then i heard unusual noises in the alley so i went to see what it was. Next, she might ask me not to tell anybody. Of course i would nod and say i wouldn't do something like that. If she has another request (like go inside and get her friend, or walk her home, or stuff) i would do this just to be polite.

Then i go back to my own house and fap until my eyes cross. :thumbup1:
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I would definitely be aroused, but I would keep this to myself (as best as I could) and help her out. If I happened to have clothes in my car or something, I'd let her wear them. if not, i always have a blanket and I'd let her use that. I'd offer a ride home but of course wouldn't pressure her. I would definitely comfort her without being creepy.


I would try to comfort her and help her out.  She would feel embarrassed about having an accident in public, so she may need a little help getting over the situation.


I'd probably try to get her to laugh it off, and not worry about it, because that's just my personality telling me to. my personality rules over me... a lot...  It's also telling me not to mess up on my grammar, or else I'd be in trouble. +, even If I do like to see people in desperation, I don't like to see them cry. :(
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I'd take the nice guy option.  I mean, seriously, she just peed herself in an alley because she couldn't wait in line at a party.  I think it would be best for everyone involved if I just took her back to my car and drove her home.  She'd be able to escape being embarrassed in front of all her friends, and I'd have a good excuse to leave the party.  It's mutually beneficial, not to mention the fact I could get to know her on the way there.  But yeah, long story short, I'd help her out.  It may be a great fetish, but in the real world nothing is more embarrassing than wetting yourself in public.


QuoteA friend has invited you to an INSANE party at his house on a Saturday night.

This right here would prove to me that I would be dreaming, so... *cue porno music*

*sounds of squeaking springs*

Ahh... that felt good.

*wakes up and realizes that it was all a dream*

Welp... I'm fucked...


I know I would definitely get around and stay around to watch. I would definitely take the nice guy route and give her a ride home. I have no qualms about pee on my seats if its from a hot enough girl. unless I come across as a creep, it could only score me points


To me it kinda depends, like in this story, you don't know the girl, so i would do the right thing and give her a ride home

But if it was with a girl i know really well, i would tell her she looks cute and give her a ride home


If it was a girl I didn't know, I would definitely take the nice guy approach.  I always end up being the "nice guy" anyway, so I don't see myself changing in this scenario.  I would offer her my help to hide the incident from the other attendees of the party, and probably give her a ride home.  She would be horribly embarrassed to know that someone saw her wet herself, but having someone to talk to who wouldn't bury her in shame would be much appreciated....maybe one day I will catch myself in such a scenario.


Bringing back an old thread again but...It's pretty much that or be totally inactive for me so..Deal with it =P (Not really sure what to post next though =/)

First I would try not to scare her off, if I was the only witness. Then I would most likely ask her if she's okay (I know, seems stupid when it's that obvious but seriously don't know how else I would start talking to her ^_^) and I would offer to help cover the whole thing up. I would definitely be incredibly turned on the whole time if I saw this but I wouldn't mention it at all unless we somehow got on that subject which I doubt would happen =P

Anyway I would comfort her, try to calm her down if she's sort of panicking and eventually maybe joke about it and try to laugh it off as I think that would make her feel better in the end. I would also try to make her realize that it's not such a big deal, stuff like that happens and it could've been much worse (What if she peed herself in line, for example?) I would also promise her that I would never tell anyone so unless she decided to do so herself no one would ever know it happened. That's what I would like to know if I was the "victim" anyway, if people found out I would feel terrible for ages even if I actually like the whole wetting thing. Oh and being a girl myself I would offer her some spare clothes at my place too, in case she doesn't want to come home in wet pants/if she's afraid someone might see her come home like that. Again just for the sake of being nice and to get some more time to talk to her and make sure she's okay. And of course I would like to be around her as much as possible, just knowing she has wet herself would make her a totally amazing girl in my eyes =P


Excellent writing.

I would take her by the hand and say "Everything is going to be just fine. Do you have a place where you can get cleaned up? (i.e., her house/a friend''s house/dorm)" If yes, escort her there. If no, then I take her to my place. After arriving at whichever destination, I ask if she I can help her get cleaned up. And yes, I am hitting on her. And if she's okay with that, I make her a bubble bath and coffee/tea.

And then hopefully, we get kinky.

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