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Simulated Wetting

Started by Archane Variant, November 07, 2010, 05:13:56 AM

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Archane Variant

ie, using warm water/ heat packs / other things to simulate the sensation of wetting.

It's a turn on for me. Not watching others do it - just when it's me.

Lets face it. Wetting yourself makes a big mess (which smells (and hence could be identified) and is difficult to clean up) and there's often pain attached to it. How many of you have attempted to simulate wetting? It started with just pouring warm bottles of water over my crotch, but no I have since modified an old camelbak (one of those thingos which has a bag of water you can drink from) so that I can fill it with warm water and clamp the tube shut between my legs. Feels awesome to have the hot water flowing into my undies and down my pants and it has the bonus of just being able to chuck them in the dryer (no washing necessary). Clamping it between my legs also allows me to pretend that I am holding it and squirm around before it begins leaking uncontrollably into my undies. I practically came right there.

Has anyone else tried things like this?


Not directly, but I did happen to feel warm things against my crotch wich would remind me of wetting and make me just a bit playful.


Wow! I never thought of doing this, Archane! Thanks for the idea!  :drool:
I haven't wet myself for a long time, for those same reasons... it's a big mess to clean up and I rarely have time for it. Also the smell is tough to wash out.
So, this is a good idea for an alternative. Thanks!  :001_icon16:

Archane Variant


I have, actually, though not in a very long time. I don't even think it would count that much. But I used one of the tooth brush holders, the ones with the two pieces and kinda looks like a dildo or something. one of the pieces had a air hole at the bottom and I filled one piece up and put the other one back on. Since it created some sorta of vacuum, it didn't leak that much water until I took the top off a little. So I just put it in my pants and opened it, and it poured out from the hole... lol.