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Describe your first fap.

Started by Serika, November 04, 2010, 08:42:19 PM

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As the topic says, tell me about the first time you ever masturbated. (Gee, no one ever uses this board, lol)

My first fap was an EPIC FAIL. I was 14-15 when i heard a few things about masturbation so i decided to give it a try while taking a bath. I used a bar of soap for lubricant and tried rubbing the tip, but it was so sensitive that i couldn't bear the feeling and had to keep stopping. After 10 minutes of this i gave up without being able to cum. (You won't believe what i had to do to have my first orgasm a few years later...) I had to pee, so i got out of the tub and stood in front of the toilet.

I barely even got one drop of pee out before screaming "YAA! OH SHIT!" because of the burning. It stung horribly and forced me to stop peeing. I tried peeing again a second later and it still hurt, but not as bad. The effect wore off when the pee washed all the soap out of my urethra.

At first i thought i had somehow given myself an STD, but then i remembered soap can be an irritant if it gets in your eyes. So i learned the hard way that soap is also an irritant if it gets in your cock. :death:
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While this reply isn't in proper "the first time I masturbated", I must bring something up- I've experienced that same burning feeling. It was when I was really young, I was playing with an bottle of AXE body soap of some sort, it was about out, and adding water to it can sometimes get the last bit out. Well- I squirted it and somehow it went straight into my urethra. Everything was fine- until an hour or so later I had to pee. I went, totally oblivious to the fact I did what I did- I wasn't expecting pain, but as soon as it started coming out I felt some of the most intense burning I ever felt. Luckily, consecutive urinations didn't hurt at all. But aggh!

As for the first time I masturbated? Honestly can't remember. Sexuality never was a big thing to me- and I know the first time I "actively masturbated" was only a year ago while texting dirty to who is now my ex-girlfriend. Everything else seems to be passive.

The human being of female gender- sexiest and cutest when in need of the restroom. Bonus points for wetting...


Yay! A topic that I don't mind remembering... because it gets me hot, just thinking about it.   :sweatdrop:

The first time I masturbated, I was age 12. I knew very little about sex at that age, but there was this boy who use to hump things, among my classmates. We would yell, "eww!" and laugh at him, as he seriously humped chairs, desks, railings, etc. He didn't care and seemed to like the attention more, always humping things in front of us, but stopping when the teachers or adults showed up. I thought it was hilarious, but didn't think to try it, at that point.
Well, one day, I was at home and doing my homework at my desk, in my room. I stood up to reach for something (forget what) and my crotch leaned into the corner of the desk. I felt a surge of pleasure, but stood up right away! I thought it was wrong, so I didn't explore any further. But for weeks, I began feeling "funny" down there, warm and an ache for something. I didn't understand that I was aroused and what I needed. Then I remembered the boy and what he did with desks.
So, one day, I just tried rubbing myself on the corner of the desk. It felt so good!
But, I still didn't know I should continue with it, until the big moment. So, every chance I got alone, I would rub myself on the desk, never cumming, but loving the feeling of it. Each time I rubbed a little longer, for three weeks. Then... one day, I rubbed so much that I finally had my first orgasm. I didn't feel pain, like most young people experience with their first orgasm, it felt very wonderful and very intense pleasure. I doubled over on the desk, panting and shaking. When I was able to sit up again, I was afraid that I had broken myself, and that I had peed myself. But that was just cum and I wasn't broken. Then I humped the desk and a pillow for a few years, after that.

It wasn't until I turned 15, that I saw my first porn, with some mischievous girls who stole the tape from their parent's collection. And that's when I first learned about intercourse. So, I rushed home and put a finger inside of me, for the first time. And a year after that, I learned about vibrators. Now, I'm totally in love with my vibrator. lol. I'm gonna use it now...  :shifty:


Quote from: Adam on November 06, 2010, 03:57:56 PM
I was playing with an bottle of AXE body soap....

....some of the most intense burning I ever felt.
Ow. Yeah, i feel your pain.

Quote from: PeeVixen30 on November 24, 2010, 02:21:58 AMWe would yell, "eww!" and laugh at him, as he seriously humped chairs, desks, railings, etc.
That sounds really funny. The school perv was actually teaching something useful. :lol:
On the internet you're only as smrt as your spell checker.


Quote from: Serika on November 24, 2010, 12:24:06 PM
That sounds really funny. The school perv was actually teaching something useful. :lol:

Haha! Yeah, he SO did! If it weren't for him, it would have taken me more years to figure it out.  :lol:


peevixen u made me hot just reading the story  :drool: