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Rules and Regulations

Started by FallenStar, September 30, 2010, 10:09:34 AM

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Here are the general rules and regulations for this site. Follow them well or else I'll throw you into a black hole  :gunsmilie:  =P

Rule number 1: You *must* be 18 years or older to be here. U.S. regulations clearly state this much and I will not risk this site for anyone's sake.

Rule number 2: NO REAL CHILD PORN! If you came here to post that shit, you can just CLEAR OUT.

Rule number 3: Follow general forum etiquette. Be kind, respectful, and understanding. In other words: No Trolling, No Flaming, no Spamming, and no Double-posting (unless you have more uploads to contribute).

Rule number 4: Image posting is to be confined to the Gallery or Image Boards and is a privilege granted to those who make Advanced Member status.

Rule number 5: To reach advanced member status and to see everything this site has to offer, you must contribute to the discussions on the forum. This is not a general anonymous image board; it is a community of people with similar likes and fetishes. There will be no rewards for those who leech and don't contribute!

Rule number 6: Please read the Stickies in each section should you choose to post in those sections.

Rule number 7: If you have a question or problem with any of these rules or if you want to suggest a new rule, post it in the suggestions area.

Rule number 8: Please post in English so that the moderators and staff can make sure you're not breaking a rule whilst typing in a foreign language!

Rule number 9: No paysite links, please! Sorry, but as very few of the staff actually has money, we can't determine if those paysite links may or may not be breaking the rules of the forum, it would not be helpful to have a bunch of paysite links.

Rules Updated: 8/14/2011

FallenStar - Site Administrator/Owner
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