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Do cute girls or hot girls attract you more?

Started by JackO, July 20, 2010, 10:49:24 AM

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Probably a cross between the two for me. Too cute is more of a "aw she's cute" and be on my way rather than being someone I'd engage in a relationship with.

So for me a little cuteness is fine but too much is a no go. I think I make the attractiveness on a subconscious level. I say this because seeing one of my cousins after she'd lost a significant amount of weight I actually found her to be reasonably attractive.

Personality is a make or break deal for me. Doesn't matter how cute or hot the body if the personality sucks.

I found a recent new hire at my place of employment to be semi attractive and by the end of my first day working with her I knew that I would never even consider dating her.

Whiny bitches who only know how to complain and try to use their feminine wills(?) to gain what they want as well as being half assed when it comes to working are an instant turnoff for me regardless of appearance.


For me it's a combination of cute personality and, uh, hot appearance.

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