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Noises from the bathroom

Started by Serika, August 02, 2011, 11:44:41 PM

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In this topic we can discuss fun things we've heard while standing near a bathroom, or how you would react to these noises.

Let's say you are at a party with your friends and also a lot of people you don't know. Alcohol is being served, and the chair you are sitting on is either near the bathroom door or next to a thin bathroom wall. You didn't see the last person enter, but you suddenly hear a peeing noise that sounds like someone is shooting a fire hose into the toilet, or maybe a large waterfall. This loud peeing noise lasts for 5, maybe even 10 minutes, and you hear the girl moaning loudly and saying "Oh GOD the RELIEF!!". One flush later and this HOT girl walks out and with a relieved sigh mumbles, "drank too much..."

Would you even be able to keep a straight face? Would you end up staring at her? What if she sees you and asks why you are blushing?

Of course this isn't limited to peeing, that's why it goes in general sexual discussion. What if you heard this girl masturbating, or what if there were two voices coming from the bathroom? Would you say anything?

I never heard anything this interesting. The only example i can remember is back in school when a senior pushed a freshman into the girls bathroom and i heard three girls scream at the same time, then the poor guy ran away as fast as he could. XD
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On your scenario, and in my case, I would stay aroused and, when she walks out, I could stare at her, pretending that I was studying her and making fun, while search for wet signals on her legs and clothes. But maybe I could be that girl too, since what you described is like me after drank a lot and wait on line to use the toilet, or wait until the last minute on parties where doesn't have line to the women toilets... (:x) But I don't pretend say that I'm THAT HOT, like you wrote... I'll keep my modesty... (;P)

Well, I like see and hear other girls pee, and since I'm a girl, it's easy for me... (;P) But I get more aroused when I see and hear a guy peeing, specially when he is desperate... (:x)


There's one story I have about bathroom noises.

I had this friend ( cute, taiwanese girl, large breasts ) who once mentioned in passing that she had an abnormally large bladder capacity.

She had invited us over to her place for dinner one night, and had apparently been running around with preparations and such to the extent that she had pretty well exhausted the aforementioned bladder capacity.  And as dinner was about served, she announced that she "Had better go to the bathroom."

The house was a new one with tile floors and a guest bathroom just off the living room.  For some reason - maybe it was closer - she decided to use the guest bathroom while we talked in the kitchen.

So she went in and closed the door and we were talking, and through some accident of acoustics, we heard really really clearly every last thing - the clank of the toilet seat, and the loud hissing and splashing of her emptying that magnificent bladder, which went on and on and on ... and we sort of looked at each other and kept talking, not really knowing what else to do.

She came back out all smiles, none the wiser.  I guess what she said about her bladder was true.