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Little Things You Care About

Started by redeker, January 20, 2010, 07:34:13 PM

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So we've talked about some of the major fetishes out there: panties, scat, bondage, furries, diapers, etc. But what about the obscure and often overlooked details that you find attractive?

For example, I've got a thing for accents, particularly British and Australian accents. Especially on Asian girls. I have no idea why, but I just think it's hot. :lol: Also, boots. Like high-heeled, thigh-length boots. Or gothic boots. Anything dark and heavy; straps, laces, buckles; the more complex, the more I like it. Of course, I'm kinda fashion-blind (going to a private school with uniforms for most of your childhood does that to a guy, but for some reason never seems affect girls?).   
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I like Russian accents, myself. I'm not too fond of Japanese (either spoken or the accents), though I do love the facial features. British accents are good... French accents are also good.

One of my favorite RP ideas would have utilized lots of different accents, but it kinda fell through with one thing and another.

You really can't get away from school uniforms no matter where you go to school these days. Every city seems to have adopted them even for public schools.   :S

For me, I'm a sucker for the old one piece swimsuits with the triangular crotches (not the new fangled shit that has legs) and I do so enjoy the idea of a group of nationalist girls from different countries...  :P
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Canadian accents are pretty hot, Americans don't seem to agree with me on that though :P They think British accents are cool for whatever reason >.<

Erm, as far as small details of my desp fetish, I'm quite a fan of the small patch that appears on the crotch of a girl who is beginning to wet  :icon_twisted:

Erm, as far as other fetishes go, I only really like girls in proper underwear, i mean it doesn't need to be 'granny' style, but thongs and boyshorts don't do it for me.

Anyway, there we go  :drool:


I love Boston accents. This is very strange.  :lol:

Another thing - I love crossdressing, it's usually very hot. But it's always guys in women's clothing. Once in a while I would love to see girls in men's clothing! I definitely get a kick out of wearing guys' clothes, even in a non-sexual way.


I'm a fan of British accents, as well as girls who moan realistically...really obvious fake moaning can be a bit of a turn off lol


Put a girl in a baseball cap or beret... I can almost guarentee she will make me wet. God that's sexy... also, tennis dresses and of course, white tennis shoes.