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Do you think you deserve access to the images?

Started by Tru, July 30, 2009, 02:43:37 PM

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Since there may be some questions about the new policy for gaining access to the image gallery, I thought I'd clarify what it takes to get promoted to "Advanced Member" status and gain access to the image gallery.

First, a quick disclaimer. Each mod tends to have his/her own personal standards when it comes to defining quality posts. Some of us are obviously going to be more lenient than others, but generally speaking if you get promoted you're not going to be demoted again unless you do something particularly dumb.

Now, most often we tend to look for at least 10 good posts (something like the last rule, but more flexible and less computerized). If your posts walk the line between good and not-so-good, it may require more posts than that to earn your advanced status. For instance, if I see a new member who writes 10 very good posts right off the bat, then I will not hesitate to promote that member. If a member manages to write 10 posts that aren't quite worthy of deletion, but at the same time aren't very good, I'll tend to hold off until you contribute more. Note that I'm not saying that if you have enough quantity, that's just as good as quality. It's more a measure of overall contribution to the forum. Also we look to see if you've posted recently. If your last post was last year, we may simply be waiting for you to demonstrate that you're still active here.

Okay, so what constitutes a "good" post? Well, let's get the easy stuff out of the way. Punctuation, grammar, and spelling are all important. No, we're not your English professors, and everyone makes mistakes, but if your post requires an inordinate amount of effort to parse and understand, we're going to get annoyed. If I can't tell the difference between your post and a cat walking across my keyboard, I'm going to get annoyed. And annoyed mods aren't likely to promote people. Similarly, don't compose your post like a thought-poem. That means that you shouldn't press that "enter" key unless you're formatting a paragraph break. You don't end a line every few words just because something in your brain compels you to split sentences across arbitrary word-boundaries. Here is an example of what I'm talking about:
Quotei like it when girls are squirming
and holding there crotch like they really need to go
to the bathroom
it makes me happy :clap:
also i really like this smiley *gun
No. No, no, no. That's not what the English language looks like. That's what it looks like when you vomit words into a blender and then spread it over your post like peanut butter on toast. It takes up space for no other reason than that you are trying to make it look like you wrote more than you actually did.

Aside from simple English and formatting, what makes a good post in terms of content? Generally, we're looking for something that contributes to a discussion. Many times when we've deleted posts we have cited that your post was "too short" as the reason. It's not because we want each post to be a doctoral dissertation on the topic, or that we're enforcing some arbitrary word-count. We just want you to post something that's worth reading. That means that when the topic of a thread is a question like, "Do you like when a girl is tied up upside down and forced to pee on her own face?" You're actually expected to post more than just "yes" or "no." Consider this, would you want to read a topic consisting of the above question and the following posts?

"yah I do"
"I think that's hot :drool:"
"Nah not my thing."
"Maybe sometimes but not always."
"Its okay."
"I do."
"no that's weird"

No, you wouldn't. Because it's boring seeing a string of simple answers without context. There's no room to reply to any of those posts. All you have to do is post your answer PLUS some simple explanation or reason. Maybe you can talk about why you think it's hot, or what you think is the hottest part about it, or whether you fantasize about doing it to someone or having it done to you, or if you have done it before, or maybe why you don't like it. There are all kinds of things you could say in addition to "yes" or "no." And if you CAN'T think of anything else to say, maybe you should find a topic you're more enthusiastic about and post there instead.

Okay, I think those are the basics. If you feel like you've done all of this, but you STILL haven't been promoted, go ahead and PM me or another mod asking about it. Maybe we just haven't noticed that you needed to be upgraded, or maybe we can give you a concrete reason why you haven't been promoted yet.
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Maybe you should remove the "PM us if you think you should be upgraded" part. Doing that doesn't really help and 90% of the time you won't be upgraded. Unless, you guys are trying to find out whether a person is a leecher or not.
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Quote from: triforce1996 on October 14, 2009, 11:11:30 PM
Maybe you should remove the "PM us if you think you should be upgraded" part. Doing that doesn't really help and 90% of the time you won't be upgraded. Unless, you guys are trying to find out whether a person is a leecher or not.

To be honest, if the mods don't mind being pm'd by people who think they are ready to be advanced members, then shouldn't matter. "90% of the time", the people asking are probably not contributing enough quality posts to be upgraded. When I had 50-60 posts, I pm'd Star, and he asked the other mods and upgraded me, but only the mods can decide when you're ready. The pm'ing system is only in place in case the mods are too busy to notice you contributing.