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You know whats fun!?

Started by Z3LL7H3GR347, July 29, 2009, 08:24:15 PM

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A friend of mine told me that apparently getting high and superglueing your hands to stuff is really fun and quite commedic. Just wondering anyone tried this before..... is it any fun?


lol i've never heard of anyone doing this before. in fact, it actually sounds kinda painful once you think about it. i mean i'm not sure about you, but i've accidently super glued my hand to things before. it kinda hurts to peel it off. oh well, maybe next time i'm around anyone who's high i'll bring it up. i'm sure they would be willing to.
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Funny from the superglued Guys point of View? No Idea! Funny from the POV of somebody who watches it? Likely...


You know, you might suggest that you and this friend of yours superglue yourselves to each other. That might be interesting. If they don't agree, then they were probably just trying to set you up to do something humiliating in the first place.


Actually that's probably an awful idea. Elmer's glue is not so great for gluing your hands to stuff but it's a lot of fun and not painful to peel off. Even when you're NOT high!


I build models as a hooby so... apparently I'm one of very few people who can say they've glued themselves to a Gundam Arm, or an Ork.


woldent the super glue make them high enyway


I remember back when I was in 8th grade, we had a guy that super glued his had to one of the tables in the cafeteria during lunch so he didn't have to go back to class.


why don't you try it and tell us how it goes ^_^
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Well, I've never done it high, but way back in like 7th grade I would superglue my hands to various objects. It entertained me greatly, no clue why. There was just something about slamming my hand down on like the stapler and then prying it off. It also hurt. A lot.

I think I'm a masochist...
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Me, and my friends used to due stuff like this in tech, back in middle school.

Hot glue gun + Hands + Random stuff = Lots of pain & Swollen hands. Sometimes even blood.


Well......I guess it could be fun, but only if you were high or the guy who is watching.


At least if you're high, it will be more fun than if you weren't.

I got super glued to a model aircraft once, when I was holding a piece in place to dry.

Getting me detached ruined the aircraft  :crying:




...Dear god, NO!

This is no fun high or straight. Your friend is a fucking idiot or he is failtroll. My guess is with the second but considering that you're asking, the first is also possible. Your choice of friends, by the way, is in need of serious rethinking. This kid is going to get you killed.

On that note, superglue and nail polish smoke when brought in contact. I was unaware and to be honest it was an accident!
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Yeah this sounds like a stupid thing to do to me... Something you wouldn't do normally and doing it while high... The results can only be disastrous >_< If you're lucky that's one thing but if you're not you could either get into some serious trouble or end up hurting yourself somehow...