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Please Read Here if you can't access the Image Gallery

Started by FallenStar, July 28, 2009, 06:41:40 PM

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Star, what you said is true, however, as I recall, you used to be able to get lifetime access to the gallery by adding images to it, even if you didn't post, because that was considered a contribution as well.  What I think he's saying is, he'd like to use that rule by posting images, but he can't.


For one, it's a lot more work to determine if someone has added things to the image gallery;  I mean, do you want to thumb through literally hundreds of images just trying to see if a member has added one image or two? I particularly can't, because thanks to the WONDERFUL hosting I pay for, it takes several seconds just to go from one page to another.   :S

Secondly, looking at his account, all he did was post 10 times, then never posted again. Which is, again, against the rules. This site is more about the community than the "free images"; the image gallery is a bonus, a reward for good work, so to speak. 


For the first one, all they have to do is link you to the image they posted, so that doesn't hold water.

For two, I am aware he only posted 10 times, but the rule, as I remember it, was, if you posted images, you didn't need to post posts.


I don't think it matters at all anymore.  I'm through with this site. You can do whatever the fuck you want. I'm tired of trying to be conciliatory only for people to take everything I say the wrong way, and for them to think I'm being offensive when I'm not trying to be.

I'm out. Anyone that wants to run this site can do so;  I'm apparently too incompetent to run this site or be friendly and apologetic to anyone. 


Quote from: FallenStar on September 28, 2009, 06:55:03 PM
Quote from: johnny282 on September 28, 2009, 04:07:38 PM
What ever happened to that rule about contributing to the galleries to keep from having your account wiped? I'm much more prone to contributing to the gallery than the forums, but now i can't even do that.

I will tell you this and I hope others will read and understand this too;  If you just post enough times to gain access to the image gallery and then never post again, that does not mean your account won't be closed. Again, this site is a forum and community first and a image gallery second.  If you want access to the image gallery, you MUST participate in the conversations here on the forum.

Judging by your account, which was made last July, you are one of those post 10 times and never post again members. Therefore, you have not been advanced to advanced members and thus, you have lost your access due to the rule change.  Again, I say, if you want such access, you MUST participate in the forum.

Clearly there is a lot of drama in this forum right now, but I just want a chance to defend myself.  I would have more posts if my account didn't get deleted three times because of inactivity because i go to a college that blocked this site. I admit I probably don't contribute in a way that you prefer, but if i find something worth while I always upload it here. If you look back at the forums I was the first person to mention Iinari Aibration and uploaded a few translated doujins in the galleries.  I just feel cheated because I try to contribute to this site, but keep getting set back.

I know you need to do what you can to prevent leachers and keep the site alive and I appreciate you're attempts, I'm just trying to suggest that more options for contribution will only improve the variety of content on the site.


If it were easier to determine who has and hasn't posted in the image gallery, that would be fine. Fact of the matter is, I was in discussions with Doom and Duce to upgrade to SMF 2.0 in which the gallery itself would be deleted and all people would simply post into their own topics;

As for your problem with the college, why did you never PM me? If you knew you were going to have problems, you could have just PM'd me and we could have worked something out.  I'm sorry that you feel cheated and I'm sorry that you seem to have fallen through the cracks of the system, but that's why the system was upgraded - to prevent such incidents from happening in the first place.

Welp... I'm fucked...