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Your greatest watersports/ scat fantasy!

Started by Z3LL7H3GR347, July 24, 2009, 12:08:32 PM

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Facestab Fred

-Girl desperate while changing her clothes takes off her (under)pants, wads it up, jams it between her legs, and pees into the clothes she doesn't need anymore.
-In a pool, a girl quietly and discreetly pees herself onto an already wet floor, under the cover of a towel or a large shirt.
-An energetic girl in an exceptionally short skirt, though desperate, skips the toilets and pees straight through her underpants and onto the ground, wetting nothing else.
-A girl who can hardly fit into a pair of tight jeans without squeezing her overfilled bladder does so, then holds herself  in sheer desperation, later scrambling to take them off in time.
It's just as exciting as a knife fight in a phone booth!

Magic Kitty

Girl sitting on a guys lap (facing each other), both of them bursting to pee. The guy is a little shy about it but the girl is sure of herself (in other words she's kind of leading the action). She "persuades" him *hint-hint* to release more and more...then when he starts going she releases all over his wet lap as they start to kiss~

Wow, so embarrassing  :blushing:

Quote from: animewetting on January 09, 2010, 12:54:28 PM
oh, dude, seeing a bunch of superheroines or disney princesses standing in line for the toilet, visibly BURSTING to pee.  :lol:

This too. That sounds like epic win lol xD


Mine is meeting / getting hooked up with (and possibly marrying) a dirty (wetting and pooping) gamer chick.
More of my dream girl than fantasy.

I think everyone's sorta possible fantasy is something like that (Does what s/he likes both activity-wise and sexual-wise).

+1 like to phil (for knowing about Ana Didovic).
Google "Ana wood pooping" :)


Don't really know what my fantasy would be.  Maybe to marry a woman that still wets the bed?  I don't know.
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