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Dear B.u.S (I know you get this a lot)

Started by Bob Right, March 15, 2009, 08:13:19 PM

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Bob Right

As the title states, I already read through many of the same cases as I'm experiencing, and I know you get a lot of hate mail about this problem.  I hope to explain this in the kindest way possible.
My posts are constantly getting deleted, pinning me down to the under 10 limit.  At first I was confused, but as I read the first of these topics, I understood what was happening.  My first posts were definately too short, often reaching only 2 sentences.  However, recently I have been adding posts that are being deleted with what seems to be for no reason.  I come here daily to check the shouts, gallery, and latest posts, just to find that my posts have been deleted.
My recent deleted posts have definately been of sufficient length, such as the post deleted earlier today which was helping answer someone's question about how to posssibly hide 'wet' clothing.
I really like the efforts the efforts put forth by the community, not to mention the community itself (I was suprised that I couldn't reply to your DT shout because of this).  However posting more than a total of 30 posts (on an ipod touch, which is hard to type on) just to have 2/3 of them deleted over time is rather frustrating.  I'm not suggesting to stop deleting 'leech' posts, just to not be so tough on those of us truly attempting to access the gallery whilst trying to still contribute to the site.
I thank you for all that you've done for me.