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Dear mods.

Started by KawaiiChew2, March 15, 2009, 12:50:23 PM

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Why do you keep deleting my posts?
I knwo I'm not the most active forum poster, but when I make a post, it's gone within a range of 5 minutes to 32 hours!
I want access to the gallery too!
Don't delete my posts to force me to post more, that's just... Weird.
I don't see what I do wrong either?
I follow the TOS, I contribute to the discussion,a nd I post more than just "lol" or "yeah".
I don't even swear!

Pleas,e give me access to the gallery and stop deleting my posts. I promise, I'll get better at posting.


I do post sometimes.
I have friends, school, a job. I don't always ahve the time.
Of course I'm here mostly for the pictures, but I also like the discussions. I'm just having a hard time finding any interesting ones, as I can't understand the concept of "hurt'n heal".
The last posts I made really did contribute, and they were perfectly relevant. I don't see why they should be deleted.
Is it because the topic was old? In that case, maybe it's the topic that needs deletion, not me?


Well, that depends on the content.
I don't see the big problem.
When I enter a forum, I only answer to threads on the first place, thereby not breaking the unwritten, global rule about bumping old topics back to page 1.


It still doesn't justify you randomly deleting my posts in a jiffy, with the only given reason being that I had too few sentences, or that I don't post enough!
I don't see any rules about a minimum number of sentences?


But I did my best to contribute in all my posts, what more do you want from me?
I'm sorry I'm not into the whole RP thing, just don't like RP'ing!
And you don't have to post so-and-so many sentences to contribute! I can contribute with just one word, if it's the right one!


I'm not a mod, but let me illustrate an example of the difference between a good post and a bad one, since it looks like you're a bit confused about what the mods are looking for in a post.

"I like skirts too because they're hot!"
-This is a bad post because even though you've tried to offer justification for your preference, it's very generic and doesn't really add anything to the conversation. After all, what can someone say about your post? It doesn't invite further discussion at all.

This would be better:
"I like it when girls wear skirts because I really like the idea of her panties in the open air, and the fact that the skirt's presence might convince her that nobody will notice if her crotch is a little damp. I'm also a big fan of upskirt shots that show just a little spot of dampness on her underwear, which you just can't get when the girl is wearing jeans."
-Here the poster offers additional, concrete reasons, and the post invites further conversation. Someone might follow up and say "that's a good point about the little spot of dampness, I didn't think of that!" or say "I can see why you like skirts, then, but to me, jeans force her wetness to cling to more of her skin, and that's my biggest turn-on."

You see the difference?
This is an experiment of sorts. I don't really expect most people to care about my music listening habits.