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Started by FallenStar, September 10, 2007, 11:40:24 AM

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And this is just a poll to see if there is enough support for adding gaming/anime sections.

If the results are positive, three new boards will be made:

Final Fantasy
Video Games

That is all.

FallenStar - Site Admin


yes please i would to have those sections if u have the time to put them


no objection, as long as people keep posting.
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Eh...    :sweatdrop:

Not exactly what I was going for here...    You people weren't supposed to vote for the gag answer...  :lol:

Needless to say, however, it seems support is strong for those new boards, so as soon I talk to someone regarding hosting (wanna know about my bandwidth usage), then I'll make the new boards.

FallenStar - Site Admin



I think it would be a good idea, I had sections like these on the old forum I used to run a long time ago and it worked quite well for me.  Having an organized place to discuss things not related to desperation/wetting will likely lead to more posts and people will feel more comfortable with the forum.

Edit: Wow I was just poking around in this section when I saw this post and decided to reply to it.  Somehow I didn't notice that the aforementioned new sections had already been added.  I am an ass and will be leaving this post here so everyone can see how much of an ass I really am.


Sorry, I'm new but I can't find these sections... have they not been put up yet?


Those sections have been up for sometime, before I joined here. And yeah If you read the rules on the home page rule 8 says, "In order to gain access to all the goodies that this site has to offer, you must first post an intro (to gain access to the rest of the forum), then you must post at least 10 times to gain access to all the other features. This is done to prevent leechers and spam bots! This rule will not be changed, so please do not complain about it!"

Once you make your intro the anime general, final fantasy and video game sections will become available.
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ghost sherlock

 :rockon:  more sections and variety are a must if you plan on getting more viewers to the site. (not like you're having any problems though.) i'm wondering how to create a site like this myself?
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