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List of FD/WS scenes in Manga

Started by Serika, June 22, 2007, 06:01:09 PM

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This is manga, so I'm not sure where this is supposed to go, but in chapter 49 of Girls Saurus DX a few girls are forced to sit still for a few hours, and when the person who ordered them to sit still returns they are desperate to pee for a couple pages.  I don't really know what's going on because I haven't actually read the story up to that point though.  It was total coincidence that I came across it.


Oh looks like in the new chapter of nana to kaoru tachi eventually wets herself   proof =

cant wait to see what happens.


Hard to beleive that nobody's put this one up yet, but in Otogi Machi no Rena (which is done by the same author of umisho) there is a short desperation and wetting scene.



New chapter of Alice no Hyakudo CC...Unfortunatly, this is the second to last chapter of the series...why do all the good wetting mangas have to end so early?

Grab it at


Nana to Kaoru Chapter 22 translation out now!!!

Edit: Tachi finally wets herself...Yay! Hopefully there will be more of that in the future since she seemed to enjoy it.


just a slight mention of needing to goto the bathroom in detective conan  sato after being handcuffed to a non working toilet all night

also some desperation in this hentai manga called tail chaser  starts here


This is probably the oldest entry in the book, but I just found the best scan of this page, complete with the closest possible translation from the original text. Plus this is what turned me onto this fetish - having my favorite anime character do this is something I can't stop gushing over (pun intended perhaps... :clap:) I give you Bulma peeing her pants in Dragon Ball!


Chapter 7, the last chapter of Alice no Hyakudo CC is out!


In Ikki Tousen, starting here:

Hakufu is about to fight Shimei, but makes her wait so she can rush to the bathroom. Afterwards, she describes an accident that she had last time she had to hold it.


I was wondering about this source of this page. If you know where to find the full manga or even better an English translation please let me know.

Alos, for those interested, here's the page I mentioned from "Dragon Boy". Does this remind you of Bulma's accident in any way...?



OMG this is going to be an awesome post.

Cant belive ive missed this but on this site every link had a description of tonnes of peeing scenes (desp,wetting etc)
you need to use a translator though (i recommend google translator) so far ive had luck finding a few one of which is love cubic ch1 (desp/wetting) ch2 wetting (i think) ch3 fear wetting  you can get the first chapter here on  in english.

ps when its translated it will use words like incontinence instead of peeing. (happy hunting)


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Heres a torrent of my manga desp collection so far   (this is the first time ive created a torrent so im hoping that theres no problems)

I was origionally going to rar it and put it on megaupload but it would of taken 5 hours to do that so hopefully when people download this it should be quicker.

Ps. I apologise for the slow download speed but im using a router and cant be arsed learning how to forward ports.

There's no one seeding that.

ah sorry i was not using torrents for a few days, althought im sure there were two people who fully downloaded the files i thought they would of seeded.

bah im just going to put it on megaupload althought its gonna take 5 hours to do that.

I can do it for ya if you want, as one of the two who successfully received the files. I have a decently fast connection, as long as it isn't Bittorrent!

No need ive finally done it


Very short scene of just desperation in Hozuki San Chi no Aneki...though a good part of the chapter takes place in a bathroom.