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List of FD/WS scenes in anime

Started by Serika, June 21, 2007, 06:31:02 PM

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kuroinu kedakaki seijo wa hakudaku ni somaru ep 5 has a free peeing scene


Apparently the anime Goblin Slayer has a fear wetting in the first episode, 10 minutes in.
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Ane Chijo Max Heart ep2
cute desperation and wetting scene at 11:30 time
still remind it is hentai animation


Ikkitousen Western Wolves episode 1, first minute has two wettings from the same person.

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∠_く//」」             Br⑨s Unite!


Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai - Episode 4, has a small scene with the blue dressed girl needing the toilet while in a plane and doing a small pee dance once it lands.

1st scene at 2.16
2nd scene at 3.50


OVA episode 2 of Nekopara has some bedwetting, followed by a lot of talk about bedwetting and omorashi after the 8:00 mark.
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QuoteWataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me ep7 - A short desperation scene at 15:20. Miyako's little sister Hinata is being especially clingy and needy in this episode, and when she refuses to leave Miyako's side for even a moment we see the inevitable potty emergency. Miyako is standing inside the bathroom and trying to close the door, which Hinata is stubbornly trying to push open. The older sister begs the little pest to leave while the little sister throws a tantrum and says she doesn't wanna. The scene ends with Miyako screaming "I CAN'T HOLD IT ANYMORE!" but when we cut to the next scene where everyone is gathered downstairs there is no indication of whether or not she had an accident, or even if she had to sit there and pee with Hinata watching her. Boo!

QuoteWataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me ep9 - Miyako allows Hinata, Hana, and Noa to stay up late and watch a horror movie with her. Hana is terribly frightened by this movie, and it doesn't help that Miyako teases her a little at the end. The movie ends, and the three kids all go to bed while Miyako stays up and works on a sewing machine in her own bedroom. As expected, Hana can't fall asleep. She then realizes she has to pee very bad. Her friends are both asleep, and she doesn't want to use the potty all by herself like a big girl, so she wanders into Miyako's room to beg for help. As it turns out, Miyako finds this adorable, and is more than happy to help Hana go tinkle. While standing outside the bathroom, Hana makes the older girl promise not to leave her. The big silly pervert then asks Hana if she would like her to help, and wiggles her fingers like she is about to undress her. Hana reacts with a horrified, disgusted look on her face, to which Miyako quickly says she was just kidding. (Yeah right.) Starts at 19:00.
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QuoteNekopara ep1 - In this first episode of the TV series, we see Cinnamon waiting outside the bathroom at 7:00. She is holding her crotch, squirming, and rubbing her legs together while she pesters Maple to hurry up in there. Cinnamon begs her to open the door and says she is about to wet herself. After hearing a toilet flush, the door opens and we see an annoyed Maple step out of the bathroom while Cinnamon hurries inside. Maple says that Cinnamon is like this every morning and wonders if she wasn't potty trained good enough. We then see a very cute sigh of relief from Cinnamon, who is smiling happily on the toilet. We see something else at 10:00. These two are running late for work, and when questioned about it Maybe begins to say that she had to get changed because Cinnamon was taking so long in the bathroom she peed herself a little. Maple quickly stops talking and blushes before they go any further.

Currently airing. More scenes likely to come. :)
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QuoteMahoujin Guru Guru ep9 - Kukuri has to pee at 16:00. She is in a tower with her friends, and just having solved a puzzle, they are making plans to continue further up the tower. Kukuri squirms and tells the hero that she has to pee first. They go back outside, and the hero suggests they wait for her while she pees around the corner, which is just out of sight. Instead, Kukuri summons her flying creature and rides it all the way back to the last house they were at. During this flight she pouts and complains "I hate dungeons! They never have bathrooms!" She comes back refreshed and they continue their exploration. This scene is from the 2017 remake of the 2nd season of the original TV series. For the original, see Mahoujin Guru Guru: Doki Doki Densetsu, directly below this.

Mahoujin Guru Guru: Doki Doki Densetsu ep9 - At the 8:00 minute mark, Toma asks the group if anyone has to pee before they climb any further up the tower. Kukuri says she does, so they all go back outside and wait for her to pee on the ground. Kukuri frowns at them, and then summons her legendary bird to take her somewhere else. She screams "I hate dungeons! They never have bathrooms!" while flying away. She flies all the way back to the last house they visited and uses their bathroom.
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Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru episode 3

Around 12:20 the main girl starts a pee dance and the male protagonist said to her go pee. She got surprised and said that she drunk to much tea, and running to the bathroom.


Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon S2 ep3. Start at 5:40

So, it looks like the dragon milf has the power to magically fill a person's bladder. I'm super jealous. No accidents, nothing too lewd, Quetzalcoatl uses this spell to force two girls to talk to each other and become friends.
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New episodes of Ikkitousen, new scenes of panty wetting.

Shin Ikkitousen ep1 - A new girl shows up for her first day at school. She is clearly intimidated by the sight of all the students beating each other's brains out, and when someone asks if they can help her she asks where the bathroom is and squeezes her thighs together. There is a nice upskirt shot of her butt while she squeezes her thighs together. Another person approaches this girl and, seeking to test her power, asks her to kick him. She hesitates, and again squirms from her bursting bladder. The other person throws a feint punch which stops just in front of her face. At this point, she falls to her knees and wets herself. There is another close-up of her panties as a puddle spreads out on the ground. Moments later her wet clothes are hanging out to dry and she is sulking in the student council office, worried that everyone will tease her for this. Start at 1:45.
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Shin Ikki Tousen ep3 - This OVA finishes with one last desperation scene at 19:30. Ryuubi is in desperate need of a bathroom and comes running from around the corner of a building. She asks Shikou if she has found it yet, to which the other girl says she can't find one anywhere. Ryuubi says that she is at her limit and falls to her knees. We then see Shikou carry Ryuubi on her back as they continue to search for a bathroom. Ryuubi is very dramatic, and screams that she isn't going to make it and cries for Kan'u to come rescue her. As it turns out there is another temple nextdoor so they decide to try that one. They come upon a mysterious well, which is actually an netherworld entrance. Shikou asks why not just do it here, to which Ryuubi gets embarrassed and says she could never do something like that. There is a loud knock from inside the well. The cover slides off, causing Ryuubi and Shikou to hug each other and scream. Ryomou climbs out of the well, and tells the others of what she was doing in the netherworld. We never find out if Ryuubi peed her panties in terror, of if she just forgot that she had to pee in the first place.
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Dr. Slump & Arale-chan ep121 - A short fantasy about Midori starting at 8:40. This is a mock-up Sherlock Holmes episode and Midori is a famous singer. Her rival, played by Suppaman, attempts to sabotage her next performance by placing an out of order sign on the women's restroom.  His/her (Suppaman is playing the role of a woman) logic is that Midori won't be able to use the bathroom before her next performance. She will therefore be nervous and stressed out on stage, and then panic when her bladder gets too full, thus causing her to sing poorly. We see a five second "what if" where this actually happens. Midori stands on the stage and squirms visibly. She thinks to herself "I gotta pee! I gotta pee!" before the illusion cuts back to reality. We actually don't see Midori again until the end of the episode. As it turns out, she just peed in the men's bathroom instead.
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