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thanks ^^

Started by ppgrl, June 11, 2008, 08:01:07 AM

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um... it's a comment, so i hope you will not consider it as a spam, but if you will, then i'm sorry, i didn't meen to. ^^;
Here it is: thanks, it's pretty smart to make people post 10 posts before all the stuff will be avaliable, because i thought if someone ACCIDENTALY gets here and see all the weird stuff, they may get a heart attack lol i knew 1 girl which almost peed her pants when some porn site poped up, while she was looking for some love so yeah... it's a good idea :) that's it, thanks for attention ^^

ghost sherlock

 :fuk2: i hate the fact that i need to post 10 times first! why couldn't it be just five. anyhow, the way things are set up, does make since. i agree with you even though i don't like it myself. if you only wanted people over the age of 18 to view the site, i would put up a confirmation page up; that way, if they are under age, they are at full fault for lying. (don't let unexpected problems ruin all your hard work.)
(violence + randomness = a happy me)


I think 10 posts are not very much and with the quality of the posts you can see what kind of person it is.
And like B.u.S. has written: If you don't like the rules or the way it works here than don't come here - simple as.