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WInd in girls skirts

Started by MKFan200, April 25, 2008, 10:06:28 PM

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Not too sure if it's a fetish, but why dont we talk about what scenes in anime that have girls with wind in their skirts?

Mydnyght Edgeworth

Well, I do recall this scene from Chobits episode 4.
That's the episode where Chi is sent out to buy some underpants for herself.

So, along the way to the underwear shop, Chi and Sumomo happen upon two schoolgirls. The wind gets to the schoolgirls' skirts, and Chi gets a look at their panties, Or underpants, since that's the term she recognizes (in the U.S. dub, at least). And so CHI HERSELF lifts one girl's skirt (but Sumomo reminds Chi, "You cannot buy underpants here!").

You know, I have to wonder how long it took to do the voice acting for that episode. I'm pretty sure they were all laughing their asses off because of this entire endeavour for underpants.  :D

This loli is not wearing any pants.
That renders your argument invalid.


Oh yeah getting a good upskirt on a girl with the wind blowing her skirt is always really good