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Official Fanfic Request Thread

Started by FallenStar, July 11, 2007, 05:00:58 PM

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It's more the fact that he was able to destroy (or try at least) all time and remake the universe that I found slightly unbelievable...   of course, I never actually read the comics, so I can't say for sure. 


We needs moar BlazBlue desperation, methinks.

Characters: Noel

Tags: Female Desperation, Wetting, Humiliation.

Story: It could be something like Jin working her too hard while she has to go, or her pissing herself when she has to fight Arakune, or something.


I would love to see more bedwetting fanfics!

Specifically loli bedwettings :)

Another i would like to see is a loli wetting that happens on the school bus, or maybe on a trip


I haven't actually checked this topic in a while, so I'll post here as commemoration.

Characters: Haruhi Suzumiya, Kyon, Mikuru

Tags: Female Desperation, Accidental Wetting, Humiliation

Story:  Haruhi, Mikuru and Kyon are spending the day at an amusement park.  While there Haruhi and Mikuru down several cups of water, juice, and soda and, by the end of the day, both girls need to pee.  When Kyon begins to suggest where to find a bathroom in the park, Haruhi instead decides that the group should head back to Kyon's house instead of using the park bathrooms by saying it would be more interesting.  (The truth is Haruhi has a fear of public toilets and doesn't want to use them.)  As the train is the quickest way back, the group decides to hitch a ride.  Unfortunately for them the train they get on is forced to stop on the tracks when a train ahead of them has broken down at the next station (which is, ironically, the station they need to get to) forcing the girls to wait longer.  To make matters worse, the train operator says that they delay maybe a hostage situation, and that they may be forced to wait for the next hour or so.  With their desperation increasing every second, and no bathroom on the train, will the girls make it back in time?

EDIT- I want Mikuru to wet herself on the train (in spurts) and Haruhi to wet herself at the station (after a long fight in front of the bathroom).
Characters: Kallen Stadfeld, Shirley Fennete

Tags:  Female Desperation

Story:  Having found a way to use his Geass a second time Lelouch decides to test it out on Kallen and Shirley.   His orders: they would be unable to use any public bathrooms.  This meant that both Shirley and Kallen would only be able to use the bathrooms in their dorm rooms and their homes.  Though the experiment seemed to not produce any results, the tell-tale signs of desperation began to show as the day went on.  To make matters worse, they still have an hour left before they can go back to the dorms and pee.  Will the girls be able to hold back their respective floods until the end?

EDIT- I want Kallen to have to use a plant when no one is looking because the bathroom is too far.

That's it for now.


Characters:  Kagami from Lucky Star, and Videl from DBZ
Tags: Female Desperation, and Female Wetting
Basic Storyline: Kagami, much to her delight, finds herself teleported into the world of DBZ. She meets up with Videl who she secretly idolizes for being the only female character who fights and isn't stuck up. Kagami and Videl enjoy a nice tour around the Earth as from years of being an Otaku, Kagami can instantly fly in the DBZ universe. However, a villain suddenly appears and the two have to fight it. The Villian's power is that he weakens his opponents by making them need to pee, but if you actually do pee he says that he will become invincible. (surprise ending is that he actually dies when you finally pee, you know how silly DBZ can be like that)


Characters: Orihime Inoue, Tatsuki Arisawa

Tags: Female Desperation(poop related)

Story:  Orihime invites Tatsuki over for breakfast one day before the girls go to school and talks her friend into trying one of her newly-developed dishes, which Tatsuki refuses to touch.  Orihime, still hungry, decides to eat it all by hersel so that she doesn't waste anything, and the girls head to school.  After arriving at the school, Orihime begins to complan about having stomach cramps  While at school a warning goes out that the neighboring police staton has been chasing a criminal in the area and thinks that he might be in the area of the school.  As a result, the teachers decide to lock the classrooms and keep the students inside.  This proves bad for Orihime, who has started to suffer from a bout of diarreha caused by her food cocktale.  Will Orihime be able to hold out until the alarm is over?


Someone ought to make a story about "Navi" the fairy in "Legend of Zelda". This story should be "No One Listened". :)


Characters:  Selnia Iori Flameheart, Tomomi Saikyo, Akiharu Hino (from Ladies Versus Butlers!)

Tags: Female Desperation, Humiliation

Story:  Tomomi is walking the walls on her way to the bathroom.  On the way she runs into Cernia, who is also headed towards the bathroom.  when the two arrive t the bathroom door, Tomomi taunts Cernia about her "making lakes in her linens " (bed-wetting) back when they were kids, to which Cernia replies by angrily picking at Tomomi for her frequent trips to the bathroom during that time.  Tomomi, at this point very annoyed, challenges Cernia: Who can go the longest without using a bathroom?  Cernia refuses at first, but Tomomi taunts her by claiming she'd "wet herself before lunch." (lunch was where they would have been headed after using the toilet) Cernia, now even more angry determined to beat Tomomi, says they should start by not emptying their bladders beforehand and just keep holding what they have already (ignoring the fact that she was already slightly desperate).  Tomomi (who was also slightly desperate but better at hiding it) accepts her condition, leading to a day-long hold-it contest that would test their elegance and their bladders.

(Note: I want SeLnia to win and make it to a bathroom.) 
Characters:  Selnia Iori Flameheart, Tomomi Saikyo, Akiharu Hino (from Ladies Versus Butlers!)

Tags: Female Desperation, Humiliation

Story:  Having lost to Cernia for the first time since arriving at the academy, Tomomi is bent on revenge.  She sees her first opportunity after mealtime when Cernia is starting to fidget during class, and begins to make plans on how to keep Cernia away from the bathrooms while filling (and stimulating) her bladder.

(Note: If it's not too much to ask, I want Cernia to have to pee in a bucket in a closet somewhere with Tomomi standing over her smiling when Akiharu comes around looking for them.)
Characters: Seika Houjouin, Teppei Arima, Charlotte Hazelrink, Sylvia Van Hossen (Princess Lover!)

Tags: Female Desperation, Public Pissing

Story:  Seika, infuriated with Teppei's relations to the Arima family, hosts a party and invites everyone except Teppei.  When Sylvia and Charolette here of this, they decide to sneak Teppei through the back without Seika noticing.  After about an hour of talking and drinking, Seika starts to feel all the drinks she had taking their toll and tries to leave the party.  Unfortunately, each time she starts to get close to the toilet, someone comes along and drags her away in order to talk.  As her desperation starts to build, Seika notices Teppei and the girls talking in the corner, and goes over to them to tell Teppei to leave.  Charolette refuses to let her try it, however, and Seika leaves them alone.  As time goes on, however, Teppei starts to notice Seika's delima and offers to help.  Seika refuses at first, but realizes that she won't be able to wait until all the guests leave.  Teppei, having informed Charlotte and Sylvia, must now find a way to get Seika to a toilet while Charlotte and Sylvia run interference with the party guests.

Magic Kitty

Does anyone really read the request thread anymore? Well I'll post anyway. Maybe I'll give someone a plot bunny.

I would like to read about Shego from Kim Possible being desperate. With Drakken present in some way. Maybe she's trying to hide it from him? Hee hee.

I might attempt it myself but I might screw it up, plus I don't really have any ideas beyond that. If anyone has any ideas to share with me, I might try it.


I hear Anime Lover is working on a Kim Possible fic.  I don't know if he plans to insert Shego, but maybe you can ask him about it?

Welp... I'm fucked...

anime lover

I said I was considering doing a Kim possible fic.
Kim would actually be the desperate one that wets.
I'm urged to to it because I downloaded the whole series and been watching it

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Latest Project: The Geelien's 5-4
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Ah... well... if you're watching the whole series, there's no reason you can't do two fics is there, Mr. Prolific writer?   :lol:
Welp... I'm fucked...


I'd like to see a story about a lesbian couple desperate to pee. The exact plot and setting is up to the writer, but it should be accidental and neither of the girls should enjoy it. The girls can be anywhere 16-21, and at least one of them has to be a redhead -- cute, and, if possible, shy.

Cuddling and other girl-on-girl action is welcome, but nothing too explicit, preferably something questionably PG-13. Wetting is not necessary, but may be included if the author wishes for it: however, it should be `clean', no peeing on each other, etc.

Thank you.
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Anime: Digimon Adventure 02
Characters: Kari Kamiya, Davis Motomiya
Tags: Female Desperation

Story:  Kari and Davis were helping to put away the basketball equipment after class one day when they get locked in the storage closet together.  Davis sees this as a great event, as he's alone with Kari for a bit, but Kari sees this as her worst nightmare: 1) she's trapped in a small room with Davis, 2) she's needed to be pretty bad for a while. On top of it all, she doesn't want Davis to know she has to use the bathroom.  The next class to use anything in the room won't be there for about two hours, can Kari hold out until then?


Anime: Bleach
Characters: Rukia Kuchiki
Tags: Female Desperation, Humiliation

Story: It's Rukia's first day in the 13th Division of the Gotei 13, and she's LATE!  She rushes through her morning activities and heads to a barracks as fast as she can, barely making it to the barracks on time for orientation. Unfortunately, in her haste Rukia forgot to pee, leaving Rukia pretty desperate as the 8 cups of green tea from last night and the quick 2 cups of water and milk (one cup of each) have started to run their course.  On top of it all, Rukia is new to the layout of the Squad Barracks, which means she doesn't know where the bathroom is.  Will Rukia be able to find a place to pee, or will her first day in the Gotei 13 be the most humiliating day of her life?

(Note I want it to end her meeting Kaien at the room we see in the anime.  Wetting herself in front of her idol would be more embarrassing than anything else I could think of, don't ya think?)

Facestab Fred

This isn't so much a request as it is a list of ideas I just can't turn into a story, let alone even choose characters for. Maybe other writers more familiar with anime will have better luck?

-Twin girls still at school after hours must find a way to relieve themselves when all the bathrooms are closed. With no one around, they are seriously tempted to pee wherever they please, including their underwear...

-When the toilets in the mall are full, a girl knows it's only a matter of time before she wets herself. She takes cover in a dressing room to have an accident, on purpose.

-A young magician uses a water spell that backfires onto her bladder. Optionally, she has no choice but to summon a diaper to her aid.

-A simple stroll across a beach turns into a desperate situation when the exertion of the walk fills up a girl's bladder faster than she expects. Can she make it to the far side of the beach where relief lies behind the rocks, or are the ocean waves going to wet her in more ways than one?

-Late for a flight, a girl quickly jams a diaper from a restroom dispenser into her pants before boarding. The diaper's obviously not meant for someone her age, will her accident be less private than she hopes?

-Even though the campgrounds are dark, she knows the sound of her tinkling is bound to be heard by someone. The girl must sneak across the camp to the toilets without wetting herself or waking anyone up.

-A prank leaves a girl unable to take off her panties, forcing her to wet herself as the day goes on.

-An attempt at a private little wetting is canceled when more pressing matters arrive, but her bladder is still full—and there's more still on the way.

-All she wants to do is fulfill her fantasy of wetting herself in the open with no one around...but once the opportunity arrives, can she lose the people following her to see what's up?

-A girl used to wearing loose underwear doesn't feel too confident (or continent) when she has to wear panties/a costume a little tighter than what she's used to.

Again, these have all been dead ends for me, these are all free for you to use with what ever characters you feel like.
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