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Official Fanfic Request Thread

Started by FallenStar, July 11, 2007, 05:00:58 PM

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Okay.... This thread is for those requests for fanfics that you either don't know how to write or just don't have time/effort to do so.

In order for your request to be taken seriously, you must follow the format example below:

Characters:  (here you put which characters you want to see)
Tags: (here you put which fetishes you would like to see)
Basic Storyline: (here you put the base storyline for the fic you want to see)

There.  I hope you people have fun with this topic.  :)


The Hidden

Here's my request.  *contains lolifur*


A Furry Catgirl Pet (A lolifurcat named Kit)-  She's the pet of a young businessman, Retsam Neddih.  Even though she's a pet, she wears a thin shirt and panties, no pants since they're uncomfortable for her.  Her height is around 4 feet, quite tall for her age.  Has a large, but slightly weak bladder.  Strangely has a fear of darkness.  Still has a minor bed wetting problem, especially if there's a thunderstorm (due to her fear of lightning), so that she'll be too scared to leave her bed if she wakes up needing to pee badly.  Has calico fur and green eyes.  She's also kinda young (duh).  She don't like showers or bathing and she tries to avoid unless she REALLY needs it.

Her master (A very young businessman named Retsam Neddih)-  The owner of Kit, he had adopted her since she was a baby.  Not much known about him, except for the fact that he's a businessman, and his company is related to the production of human hybrids.  His father is the co-founder of the company he works at.  He's almost 20 years old, but he still does his job well despite his age.  He does take care of his pet and doesn't mind any of her wetting accidents (as long as SHE cleans up).  He also finds her accidents kinda cute as well and sometimes tries to make them occur. 

Tags:  Loli+Furry+Catgirl+Pet+Female Deperation/Urination

Basic Storyline:

In this alternate reality, creatures like the lolifurcat exist, and are commonly used as pets.  Each chapter should involve a senario of desperation and accidental urination of the pet, like the ones in the FD Senario topic in the FD boards (except it should have a better story for each of them).  Her master will sometimes take this catgirl to work with him, when there's no one to watch her (she can't be trusted alone).

Is that good enough?



I cannot believe I haven't thought of this before. There are so many possibilities there i don't know where to begin. A ship full of lesbians, mecha that combine and make pilots share the same cockpit, the nurse girl who runs around taking photos all the time. That adorable engineer girl... The fact none of the men or women have seen each other pee before.


Characters:  A pair of highschool kids (a boy and a girl)  And I want their names to be Noata (the boy) and Suzu (the girl).
Tags: Female Desperation
Basic Storyline:  Basically, what I wrote in the "FD Scenarios" Topic.  I'm too lazy to rewrite all that again, so I'll just link you too it when I get the chance.

EDIT- n/m, I forgot about copy/paste

Quote from: packrat on August 23, 2007, 07:39:45 AM

You are a high school student whose class has been allowed to go on a field trip to a nearby museum.  You've been paired up into boy-girl pairings.  You pick your best friend (a cute girl) as your partner.  Before leaving for the field trip, she asks if she can use the bathroom, but gets denied because she was late to school.  When you get on the bus, she ask how long the ride will be.  When the driver tells her that it will be over an hour, she starts to get nervous.  During the ride, she starts to fidget and shift in her seat.   You worry about her and ask if she'll be alright.  She acts like it's nothing, but you can tell that it's worst than it looks.  Halfway through the ride, she starts to hold herself with one hand a rock back and forth.  You realize she's getting really desperate and decide to ask the bus driver how much longer the ride's gonna be.  You come back telling your friend that the bus will arrive 10 min early, and she smiles in relief.

When you arrive at the museum, your friend is already too desperate to hide the fact that she needs to pee BAD!!! and is holding herself with both hands while squirming and constantly crossing and uncrossing her legs.  When you break apart into your groups, you and you friend immediately go searching for the bathrooms.  However, you get lost in the museum and can't find your way there. Your friend gets more and more desperate, and after 10 minutes starts letting out little spurts of pee as she walks.  After another 5 minutes of searching your friend finally gives up on using a real bathroom and pees in one of the potted plants.  You cover for her, getting a good view in the process.  When she finishes, you both vow never to speak of it again, calling it "our little secret".

I also have alittle background info for it in the FD Fantasies Topic.  But I think I'll link that one.

I'd love to write the story my self, but I really suck at that sort of thing.


Person:Mitsuru Kirijou (from persona 3)
Tags: Female Desperation/Public Urination
Setup: MItsuru had too much to drink before going into Tartarus, and finds herself increasingly desperate as she aids the rest of the people in the dungeon. Eventually, she decides to just pee in a corner, and as she does, everyyone comes backk fromm their exploration.


The Hidden

Quote from: mipmixer on September 25, 2007, 08:49:37 PM
Does anyone here honestly think their request will ever be written?

Well, the lolifur character I made up was like the same lolifur in my FD senarios topic that I made up.  The outcomes everyone posted felt like pieces of a series of fanfics.


Wait, if the ideas we post here are never gonna be written, then...

this topic is justa useless waste of space? 

Aw, that bites.   :crying:  I ws looking forward to having someone write out my story for me.  :crying: :crying:


Yeah, I'd honestly hoped that another author would come along and help out...  >_>;

Looks like I was sadly mistaken...   x_x



I tried a request before.

It didn't work out.

Naturally, I FAIL at requests...  >_<



Requests are always good to read as it gives potential authors ideas for stories.


Well, I think I may actually write my Mitsuru story, seeing as I have it mostly planned out.


Well. I don't think anyone will write it, but hey, may as well put the ideas out there for someone rather then leaving it to rot in my head.

Dominion tank police. 

The puma sisters capture leona in a fight and tie her up... With sexy results!

If you wanted to be cannon, i suppose anna and uni could help buaku get some of that piss he was searching for at the beginning of the first episode, but I'm not really a fan of buaku.

Of course, he could refuse theirs and offended, they could go off to play a game of hold it with each other or somethin.
If we shadows have offended, think but this and all is mended.
That we have but slumbered here, whilst these visions did appear.


I would love to see some pee desperation with Tohru Honda from fruits basket!!


I must admit, I'd really like to see something with a femme fatale figure who has an image to maintain, and maybe a costume which doesn't lend itself to quick release in times of crisis. I can't think of anyone specific, though - go wild!