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Title: Hello to you all!
Post by: aklwn on November 13, 2009, 06:46:57 PM
Hello! Sorry if that isn't the correct abbreviation for the site, I'm still dipping my feet. So I'll start out by posting a form, as I usually do when I introduce myself on a new site!

Age: 19
Gender: Female
Weight: 130 pounds. (roughly 59.1 Kilos)
Height: Like... 5'5". I haven't measured in a month or two, but I'm guessing that I'm done growing :)
Breast Size: B cups
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Light brown

That pretty much covers my physical appearance. I listed it in order from what my guy friends tell me they look for in a girl when they are checking her out for the first time, so that's my explanation for the cup size coming before the eye and hair color :P Now I'll say stuff about personality, for those who actually care about women that much :D

Sexuality: Semi-Bicurious, prefer female over male.
General Over-view: Timid in person, but online I'm perfectly open about next to anything. Go ahead and ask! I'm also very feminine, contrary to stereotypes about my sexuality, so literally 90% of the panties I own are pink. That's really all that's coming to mind right now... sorry if you wanted to hear more. Like I said, just ask and I'll most likely answer.
What brings me here?: Really it's simple. I love desperation. Whether it be myself, or another girl, it's always a total turn on. Though Iím not very good at it myself, thanks to a combination of low pain tolerance and bladder capacity, I still like it a lot. I like everything from wetting to panty pooping, and have adventures in both of them. I also LOVE to roleplay, and if you ever want to, just drop me a PM!

I think that about covers it for now... but Iíll add stuff if you need me to. Thanks to all of you, and I canít wait!
Title: Re: Hello to you all!
Post by: packrat on November 15, 2009, 07:55:51 PM
Welcome to the forums.  I'm packrat.  Pleased to meet you.  ^_^

Wow, that is the most detailed intro I have ever seen on this board.  KUDOS!!!  XD