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A Re-introduction

Started by Iku Nagae, December 19, 2012, 11:12:09 PM

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Tis a shame if you don't do shops anymore, Tru... you were damn good at them... If I thought it'd look good at all, I'd give you a job to shop a German flag bathing suit over a futa... but... I'm sure it'd look like shit no matter who did it...  :lol:
Welp... I'm fucked...

Iku Nagae

Quote from: Tru on January 03, 2013, 12:07:20 PM
I hate to say it, but I would never have become an expert at Photoshop or gotten my first "real" job if I hadn't pirated Photoshop in high school... Take that for what it's worth.
I have some pirated software, and want to pirate some now... BUT I don't want to get caught. I want to use a proxy server or a vpn, but I don't know which is better or how to even set them up. Anyone know?


Iku: I think that kind of discussion is probably inappropriate for this forum. Check your PMs.

Star: That sounds like reverse psychology to me! It ain't working, though! :lol:
This is an experiment of sorts. I don't really expect most people to care about my music listening habits.


Not that I intended it to work, of course.  :lol:

Seriously, I wish I could do that sort of stuff... even draw and whatnot... so that I could make nice pictures to go along with my RP characters and not have to rely on traps and whatnot for newhalves.  =/
Welp... I'm fucked...

Iku Nagae

Now that I think about it... it was. Sorry about that.