Author Topic: Story: My First Day as a Receptionist I Peed My Panties Part 2  (Read 35871 times)

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Story: My First Day as a Receptionist I Peed My Panties Part 2
« on: January 22, 2008, 03:03:26 PM »
Story: My First Day as a Receptionist I Peed My Panties Part 2

So I sat and quickly crossed my legs again, hooking my right foot around my left ankle. I discreetly pushed into my taut skirt with my left hand, but my skirt was so tight that I could not get anywhere  near my poor desperate panties. The horrific urge to pee subsided slightly for a moment, but returned with a vengeance as my agonized bladder contracted and I shuddered and gasped as I orgasmically spurt- peed my poor desperate panties again. The warmth in my panties grew, and I felt it along the entire length of my labia, up into my pubics and my ass. I hoped that it hadn't soaked through my skirt; I knew I had peed my slip and the lining of my skirt already.

Oh no, I'm peeing my panties. I pushed into my skirt desperately trying to reach my tortured sweat, pussy juice, and pee-soaked panties but my skirt was too tight for me to reach my poor desperate panties and comfort them. With my other hand I reflexively brushed against my breast. My nipples were so hard.

I answered the calls in a breaking voice as I fought off wave after wave of bladder contractions. My face was flushed from the struggle to hold it as well as the embarrassment over both my pantie pee and how totally turned on I was by it as each contraction brought me to the brink of another orgasm I was trembling violently quietly sobbing as I was being cruelly tortured in my poor excited, desperate sweat, pussy juice, and pee soaked panties.

A distinguished gentleman walked in, I recognized him as the CEO from the picture on the wall. He noticed my obvious desperation. "Miss, you look like you really need the ladies'. Can you make it to your break?"

"No, sir, I need to go right now." I said in a cracking, desperate voice.

"Reception can never be left unmanned, our clients demand actual human contact." The CEO knew that she was going to totally pee her panties any second, for she had all the signs of a woman in the last stages of her desperate struggle to keep her panties dry. He got very hard very fast. He was glad he wore tight briefs; otherwise she would know his secret.

"Please, sir. I'm already starting to pee my panties. Please let me go now." The thought of totally peeing my panties in front of the CEO mortified me. My bladder contracted ferociously, but in my desperate need to hold it until he went away gave me the strength to hold it back second by agonizing second.

"I'm sorry, Miss. I know it seems cruel, but we can't risk an important client getting stuck in voice mail hell." The CEO looked at how she squirmed and at her erect nipples, and wondered if she actually was turned on. He quickly dismissed the idea as wishful thinking on his part. He sat down in a chair that was positioned to the side of her, giving a view of her legs and the floor below. "I'm waiting for a client."

Not only wasn't he leaving- but he would to see the pee run down my legs when it all became too much for my tortured panties to endure. My bladder contractions became too much for my tortured struggle to control. I shuddered and moaned as I orgasmically spurt peed my panties again; the warmth in my panties grew even more and I felt it spread along my thighs.. t felt so wet in my poor tortured panties that I just knew I'd pantie peed through my skirt.

"I just spurt peed my panties again. Please don't let me totally pee my panties." I sobbed.

I was really wondering about him.

"I know you're going through an ordeal, but you need to stay at reception."

I spurt peed my panties again, the warmth in my tortured panties spread further along my tightly crossed thighs. The orgasm was even more intense. My skirt was getting wetter as I kept pantie peeing in it.

"Please I'm peeing my poor panties. Please, I'm being tortured in my panties!" I sobbed.

"You poor girl."

It was just too much for my poor tortured panties as my aching tortured bladder and exhausted pussy muscles gave out. My hot pee flooded though my panties and pantyhose, through my satin slip and skirt, along my trembling thighs and down my calves soaking into the carpet as I moaned and convulsed in a full-body orgasm.

I desperately tried to stop peeing my panties but I couldn't. I broke down in tears, crying and moaning as my pee kept flooding, still trembling violently and convulsing.

"I totally peed my panties on my first day; she'll fire me for sure."

He knelt beside me and laid his hand on my trembling thigh.

"No she won't. I'll make sure that she understands that it was an accident and you did your job as hard as it was for you."

I cried- my panties, pantyhose, slip, and skirt were totally peed. I felt post-orgasmic exhaustion wash over me. I was still trembling from the intensity of it all. He handed me a tissue.

"I know it's hard but you need to collect yourself and stay at reception until your break. I'll arrange for a change of clothes on the company."

I just kept crying from sheer humiliation, at both peeing my panties in front of the CEO and for getting off on it.

He hand me another tissue, his other hand still on my thigh. "You're a size 8 I would say."

I nodded. I settled down to just quiet sobs.

"Are you going to be ok?"

I nodded.

"I have to find out why the client is late." he got up, gave me a lingering look and headed off...

I had to spend another 50 minutes sitting in my own pee; I was still flush with embarrassment. A sour looking Ms Summers arrived with the janitor and a spare chair. "Go clean yourself up and then report to the CEO's office."

I went into the ladies and into a stall. I pulled up my skirt, pulled down my pantyhose and  my peed panties... I entered his office, I felt so self-conscious in my peed panties and skirt.

Lying on the couch in his office was a light grey miniskirt suit; the skirt was provocatively short and tight. He had also laid out a black lace camisole, nice lace trimmed black panties and bra, and a pair of nude pantyhose.

"These are for you, Tess. You can change in my private boardroom and we'll send your old skirt to the cleaners."

"Thank you, sir." I went off to change. The skirt was certainly shorter than I normally wore, with the hem only six inches from my pussy; the skirt was nice and tight.

I came back out and the CEO looked me over with a look that crossed the line. Being a plain Jane, I didn't get that look that often, so I relished the compliment. He motioned me to the couch. I sat down and my skirt rode up almost to my panties. I tugged it down a bit and crossed my legs.

He hand me a coffee and sat across from me. "Tess. I feel bad that you had to suffer like that, then had to sit there in your own pee for almost an hour."

"Its ok, sir."

"Call me Bill. Have you had other accidents like that?"

I sensed his interest, that and thinking about it started turning me on. I started getting very embarrassed.

The CEO saw that she was visibly embarrassed, which meant that she has peed her panties before. A secretary with a weak bladder is just what he wanted.

"There's no need for you to feel embarrassed- accidents do happen." He noticed that she hadn't drunk her coffee.

I took a sip of my coffee. I was still embarrassed. "Thank you, s- Bill. It is embarrassing... I still feel so embarrassed about this morning." I took another sip of coffee.

"No need to, Tess. I sense that you have been through this ordeal before."

I hesitated. Then weakly nodded.


He seemed overly interested in my panties' misfortunes.

"I have an opening for an Executive Secretary; it pays triple what a receptionist pays. Do you want it?

I was surprised. "Sir, but I'm not really qualified."

"You're a smart girl, I'm sure you'll do very well."

I accepted, of course...

- END -
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