Author Topic: Wanting to revive the rp community here  (Read 4798 times)

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Wanting to revive the rp community here
« on: December 12, 2016, 03:13:33 PM »

So i've noticed that the rp community here has been dying out and i feel like the rp community here could be so much more than what it is now.

So i have an idea for an rp if anyone here would like to participate in it:

It is the year 2550 and a virus known as the Cannibal Virus has taken over the world, humans have the unresistable urge to eat human flesh. No one that is not inside the special safe zones known as "bubble cities" because of the dome-like structure built around them that make them look almost like a giant bubble. Luckily humanity has a weapon in the fight against this new threat, that weapon is the Z.K.S or Zombie Killing Squad. They are the elite of the elite of the military forces, trained for almost every single situation possible that could happen to them in the field, prepared for anything, they operate with almost absolute autonomy but they get the job done none the less. To protect them against the cannibal virus, these operators are equipped with the very latest in military bodysuit technology, the mark - 90 X-ray, designed for 360 degrees of protection, made with tear-proof cloth and fabric, waterproof, heat-resistant, waterproof, chemical resistant, and much more! their helmets are integrated with led screens, full head protection with cameras that cannot be broken easily, built-in comms system that constantly switches channels so that hackers cannot gain access and listen in on operations. their boots are of the same stability as the bodysuits they wear.

Lets all revive the rp community and make it great again! Together we, the community of animegirldesp can make this single part of the forums great again.
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