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Stupid Little Miss Pissy Pants
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hello guyz,
this is my first post anyway, i hope you like it. it contains lolican, humiliation and wetting.
excuse my grammer mistakes, I´m not from england oder something

The ring was belling for break. The fifth lesson was over. Julia did feels the urge to pee a little bit, but like so often, simply ignored the feeling. On the playground of the school the pupils play catching and hiding on like everyday. So after Julia was getting a good place behind a tree to hide from Timmy who was searching, she realized her growing need again. She hasn´t  be at the toilet since the day had started. By crossing her legs instinctly and bending over a little bit, she continue hiding from Timmy because she doesn´t want to get trapped. Starting shake her butt around a little too, she was just observed by her classmate Sarah from another bush.

“Oh no!”, Julia thougts to her mind.  Sarah was known for bullying people everywhere she get a chance to. By the fear of getting shown up from her that she need to pee, it happened, a first hot tiny spurt shoot into her little pink panties.

Julias face getting bride red and she bends over again to stop the flow. At this moments, Timmy jumps around the tree and say “caught” to the desperate looking girl.

“Everything ok with you?” he asked completely clueless, after Julia didn´t know what to say.

“I´m fine” she lied, by try acting like a “normal” chield when she removed her legs to a normal position.

The ring belts for the sixth lesson. It was English with the strict teacher Mrs Wallensen. She wouldn´t let her going on toilet, after having such a long time at break and coming late was also a very bad idea. So she went in the school with all the other students and take her seat in the classroom in the last line like nothing was going on with her.

The lesson startet. By sitting on the chair, she felt that the front of her panties were really soaked. Julia started to press her legs tightly together and rubbing up and down on the chair. She checked out the crotch of her blue jeans, nothing was visible until now. After that, Julia realized a mean view from Sarah threw the classroom, who was watching her and whisper something in the ear from her neighbor. She was getting a little in panic and her cheeks start grewing red again.

Her urge to pee grew more and more. Julia now was holding her crotch and shifting her positions very showy. Crossing and uncrossing her legs too, she
was hoping that the lesson would fast get over. She couldn´t concentrate on the lesson anymore, so Mrs Wallensen notice.

“Julia come to the blackboard please!”

Julia shocked. She startet to pee her pants. She felt the hot liquid shoot into her already soaked panties und going threw her jeans into her crotch und under her ass. She could stop it after a few seconds by crossing her legs thight together.

“Julia I don´t will say it again!” said Mrs Wallensen with an intimidating voice.

“No… I ca.. can´t.” she stutter quitly, still shaking a little for not start to pee again.

“What does this mean little girl?”

“That mean she peed her pants” Sarah scream threw the class, loud lauthing after it.

Julia didn´t say anything, she just looking sad on the ground. She was nearly in tears , sitting in her warm and wet pants, caught by her teacher, disgraced in front of the whole class and still have to pee a bit.

After checking Julia and her soaked pants, Mrs Wallensen said: “So little pantswetter, let´s go to the nurse to change your clothes”

Julia stand up, completely humiliated, and show´s her wet jeans to the class. The damage was in the front of her crotch and a huge wet spot was on her cute little butt.

On the corridor on the way to the nurse Mrs Wallensen asked her: “Why don´t you went on toilet when you have to go, you could ask me like everyone else!”

“I don´t know” Julia said sad. She doesn´t want to say her teacher that she was too busy in playing at the break to go on toilet.

“Here a little pantywetter again” said Mrs Wallensen when she brought Julia to the nurse.

Julia said nothing, standing there and crossed her legs again. She felts the now cold wet parts from her peed jeans on her clammy skin. After Mrs Wallensen leaving back to class, Julia wetting her pants again. Still legscrossed, she just let the rest out and “refreshed” her jeans in front of the nurse. It going down her legs and let grow the wet spot on her ass a lot. A puddle formed under her at the ground of the nurse-office. Julia just was sadly looking down, a tear went down her cheeks.

The nurse started to grumple: “Stupid little Miss Pissy Pants! Why don´t you go to the toilet like everybody else at your age! Come on, go to the toilet now, before you wet your pants again and again!”

Julia now went threw the school with her totally soaked jeans.The corridor was empty, because everyone was in class thankfully. She felt the wet parts of her peed pants step by step, until she reaches the toilet. There she was, but now she don´t has to go anyway…