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A Desperate Day
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Here's my first story on this site  :thumbup1: Just lemme know how it is

Jenny woke up late for school, when she looked over at the clock she saw that it was already 8:15 and classes started at 9. She hopped out of bed, threw on her school uniform and ran downstairs. Her mother handed her a granola bar and a bottle of water. On the run to school, Jenny managed to drink her whole bottle of water. She ran to her first class and took her seat. Just then the bell rang and her class began. Whewww she thought, that was close.
   As she pulled out her books she realized that she hadnít peed before she left the house and she was already feeling her bladder a little bit. As the class continued her bladder seemed to be filling up fast. As the teacher droned on with his lecture, Jenny started to think. Her bladder was holding all her fluids from last night and a whole bottle of water from just a little while ago. She knew that this was going to be bad. Her classes were an hour long and she would be done the day at 2. As she shifted in her seat she felt her bladder again, she wasnít worried yet, she knew that she could go to the bathroom during breaks.
   After her first class was dismissed, Jenny headed to the bathroom but was stopped by her friend. Without realizing what she was doing she started talking. After about 10 minutes, the bell rang and she headed to class. But as soon as she sat down she felt her bladder and remembered what she was supposed to be doing.  This class was the beginning of her bladder beginning to actually hurt. She crossed her legs which seemed to help and finished the class just fine. But during this break she was determined to go to the bathroom before things got bad.
   When she went into the hall she headed straight to the bathroom but the closest one was being cleaned so she went up the stairs to the next bathroom. She was waiting in line when the bell rang. She thought about staying but decided against it. Her bladder wasnít a huge issue at this point and she knew that she would be able to wait another hour. She walked quickly to class and made it just in time. But the fast paced walking had jostled her bladder and she was really feeling it. In this class she had to cross her legs and then switch legs. She knew that this was bad, she really had to go badly.
   After her last class Jenny walked to the bathrooms again and stood in line. She did this for the next two periods but was unable to go. She was getting extremely desperate by this point. As she sat down in her last class she wasnít sure if she could last another hour. Her bladder was getting hard to hold and she felt herself moving around a lot. She would cross her legs then uncross them, then slam her thighs together and none of this worked. She finally found a comfortable position. If she crossed her legs and squeezed them together it took some of the pain away. She looked at the clock, there was ten minutes left. She stared at the clock waiting for relief. Then her bladder spasmed and she was forced to grab her crotch for a second to gain some control. Finally after what felt like forever the bell rang. She got up and walked to the bathroom but the line was longer than ever. She knew if she waited she would surely lose control.
   So Jenny started walking home. It was only a 15 minute walk and she prayed that she would be able to hold her pee until she was home. The walk was harder than she thought. She had to stop countless times to get control and with every step she was sure she would lose control. As she entered her neighborhood she got excited, she couldnít wait to go in the house and pee. She would be the only one home so she wouldnít get stopped. She quickened her steps. When she reached the door she got out her key and was wriggling around to open the door. She ran inside, threw her book bag on the floor and headed to the bathroom. Just as she reached the door, she saw a sign on the door.
      Jenny, the plumbers were here, please donít use the toilet until 3:30
               Love, Mom
As she was reading she was doing a pee pee dance and had her legs slammed together. She couldnít believe it. Relief was so close and now she had to wait. Jenny hobbled over to the kitchen and looked at the clock, 3pm. She had to wait another thirty minutes. In any other situation 30 minutes wasnít long at all but in a dire situation like this she was absolutely bursting. Jenny started pacing and was dying. She sat down at the table but was bouncing her legs up and down and rocking back and forth in the chair. This wasnít working. She got up and started pacing again but had to stop many times to stem the flow. She had her hands cupped on her womanhood and felt like her bladder was going to explode. She sat down again but instead put her heel under her in her vagina and had her hand so her fingers were containing the pee.
   The longer she waited the more weak her muscles became. As Jenny repositioned herself she felt a drop of pee escape the lips of her vagina. She shoved her hand harder and gained control. She knew that it was going to be a losing battle if she didnít go pee soon. She looked over at the clock; 3:25. She had just five minutes and she was determined to make it to the toilet. But just then she felt a squirt escape. She clamped harder and stood up. She started jumping around trying to gain control. She could feel all the liquid at the tip of her vagina waiting to escape. She walked to the bathroom and tuned the knob. She walked inside and the sight of the toilet made her need increase. She stood before it wondering how she was going to get her skirt and panties down. She crossed her legs and ripped her panties and her skirt down in one swift motion. She then slowly walked to the toilet holding her crotch and before she could even sit down her body exploded. With her hands still cupped her pee streamed out of her. She sat down and felt her body completely give up.

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Re: A Desperate Day
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Nice story. Very interesting and engaging.