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Orihime Had to Pee- Omorashi 4
« on: March 27, 2010, 01:36:17 PM »
Inoue Orihime's Bathroom Desperation 4 – Caught in the Act

The class had become unbelievably quiet and the atmosphere had turned even tense, as Tsunade was passing down the test papers to everyone. Orihime who was still crossing her legs and fighting the flaming urge to put a hand on her lovely crotch breathed in and out worriedly, hearing her own heartbeat of fear over the silence, the fear of humiliating herself in class.

"I don't want anyone to cheat in the test and I'll consider you cheating if you turn your head around, leaving your seat or talking to your friends!" Tsunade said in a mean gesture, it's not an exaggeration to say the phrase "as terrifying as Tsunade".

"I must hold it for an hour until the test ends, I certainly must!" Orihime uncrossed her legs and rubbed her lower abdomen stealthily. She thought that she could endure this terrible hour if she stopped thinking about peeing, Tsunade-san might let her go after the test.

Nevertheless, it was doubtlessly easier to think than act, especially when it comes to bladder endurance of a typical feminine girl like Orihime. The green tea and the pee she stored up since last midnight had already merged together inside her painful bladder.

Orihime stared at her test paper absentmindedly, she couldn't focus on solving the brainstorming math problems in her desperate state. How she hoped that she could spray all the bodily waste out of her overstretched bladder peacefully in the toilet and continue the test, she might even get 100% for it! However Tsunade-san, the inconsiderate, strict teacher surely wouldn't understand that.

Eventually Orihime solved the first question successfully, though the first is always ought to be the easiest one on a test paper. Still she didn't know if she had answered correctly, she was too desperate to care about it. There were still 9 more questions to be calculated and 52 minutes more for the test to end.

"A…ah, I must do the test properly, or Tsunade is gonna scold me." Orihime, being the 1 of the best student in Karakura High School, intended to strike perfection as she always does in various tests. Although over 90 percents of her mind were controlled by her bladder, she wanted to at least, get a pass on this math tests.

Abruptly, Orihime wiggled her legs up and down rapidly, making a little noises as her legs tapped on the floor. The action managed to stop the sudden feeling of piss leaking inside her cotton panties, but it never ceased her desperation from going worse.

"Stop that freaking noise, Orihime-chan!" Tsunade stared at the pretty girl furiously as she slapped the teacher's table, creating a louder noise for the quiet classroom. Orihime felt like wetting herself again over the startle, hence she crossed her legs tightly to stop the urine from squeezing out.

The poor girl immediately rocked her body back and forth steadily with her legs still firmly crossed against each other. She thrust her left arm on her thighs as she continued the body shaking. She felt like, if she stopped moving for a second, she would pee herself uncontrollably.

Orihime tried her best to focus on doing the 2nd question, but it was extremely difficult for the full bladder girl. She wasn't sure what should she do, she really had to pee and she had to answer all these annoying math problems. The frustration she suffered was convincing, to be more accurate, forcing the sensitive girl to cry hopelessly.

Tatsuki seated beside Orihime, was unable to concentrate on doing her own test as well. The tomboyish girl concerned deeply about Orihime's desperate condition and was figuring if she could help her in any way.

As Orihime was going to write her inaccurate answer on the 2nd question, the ink of her last pen ran out unexpectedly. She was shocked as she searched inside her pencil box frantically, though she already knew that there was none, she just couldn't think rationally or logically with her overfilled bladder.

The desperate girl swung her crossed legs back and forth as she rubbed her pen against the test paper madly to see if it could be "revive". She bounced her body up and down a little as the frictions of her dead pen and the test paper continued, in a crazy and desperate pace. After all, her ability to think well had already been taken by her intense bladder desperation.

"O…oh no!" Orihime gasped and uttered soundlessly. After moments of foolish attempts there still wasn't any ink, instead, she tore her paper accidentally with the sharp edge of her pen!

"Orihime-chan, what on earth do you think you're doing?" Tsunade-san heard the noise of the tearing paper and stared at Orihime frightening wrath.

Despite of being scolded at, Orihime still bounced her body a little in front of Tsunade-san to avoid wetting herself. She didn't know what to do, should she apologize to Tsunade-san or throw her pride off in front of everyone and beg Tsunade for the bathroom now? Either way, it couldn't assure Orihime on getting the desired opportunity to use the toilet.

"I...I'm sorry, I'll fix it… back," Orihime raised her tore paper and temporarily combined the broken parts together with her finger, she couldn't stop dancing her legs while doing so. Her movements were starting to go frantic on each of her reckless actions.

"Fine, I have a last one here, remember Orihime-chan, this is your LAST chance!" Tsunade-san placed a new paper on Orihime's table violently and grabbed her previous paper, followed by a furious crumpling on it. Orihime bit her lips and looked at the paper anxiously.

Without being noticed, Tatsuki laid a blue pen on Orihime's table swiftly. Orihime thanked her best friend deeply within her heart with a slight bashfulness and went on with her new paper. Unexpectedly, she was shocked that she had forgotten what she had written on the first question!

The poor C-cupped girl tried hard, but her attempt to recall was severely distracted by the overwhelming desire to empty her bladder. She was in a total confusion and was wondering if she should just tell what she was going through to badass teacher.

"Psst…" Tatsuki whispered surreptitiously and expressed a secret signal to Orihime with her hands. Apparently, she had the intention to "help" Orihime on the test. Orihime had no idea, even if she is typically an honest Karakura High School student, cheating is the only option now. She didn't want to risk peeing herself while focusing on doing the test or failing the test to hold that annoying, massive urine.

Tatsuki placed her paper at the edge of her table furtively as Orihime raised her head a little, of course, with her sexy legs still wiggling around under her table. It turned out to be quite successful because Tsunade-san had her eyes caught on some suspicious students on the other end of the class.

Roughly 35 minutes had passed by as Orihime waited Tatsuki to solve question number 8 so that she could copy again. The desperate girl was kinda glad that she could do all those math problems easily like this, without considering what would happen if they both had the same answer after the submission. Well, at least she must had already empty her bladder by that time.

Orihime gazed at Tatsuki's answers carefully again as she copied with her indecent writings due to her full bladder. "x = 5-2," Orihime memorized that as she tapped her legs on the floor.

"ORIHIME-CHAN!" suddenly, Tsunade-san yelled outrageously and gave Orihime's table an angry spank, "How dare you try to cheat on the test!"

", I was j...just..."

"You didn't?!" Tsunade snatched both of their paper and did some comparison. Obviously, their steps are exactly the same, even the position of writing the answers. Nevertheless we shouldn't blame Orihime on this, she was too freaking desperate to think a lot.

What would happen to our lovely, full bladder Orihime-chan? 
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