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Re: Lumito's Place
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I'll translate the "Miss Monica" thingy.
I suppose automated translation would be just as good, but oh well:

Moony2f: Oh my god!!! I can't hold it much longer... I'm going to wet my bed!
Moony3f: It's coming!!! I'm peeing the bed! Ooooooohhhh... Ooohhhh no... Nooooo! I'm completely soaked!
Ooohhhh... It's so warm and moist in my diaper! And it's swelling between my thighs! It's too good...
Moony4f: Good day, miss Monica. Do you have a problem?
Oh Hélène... It's... I have...
Let me guess... Another foolishness in your bed? Oh... She still had to poop the bed.
Note: Look up bêtise. Google Translate suggested foolishness, and I could not think of a better way to say it, but Google's other suggestions were very funny.
What happened, miss Monica?
Ohh Hélène, I have peed! The bed is all wet...
Thank God, she just wet this time.
Oh my God, I'm so ashamed...
Come on Monica, you're not fooling anyone! You like to pee the bed and I'm sure that you did it on purpose!
Moony5f: My diaper is soaked... And the sheets as well...
Don't worry, miss. I'm going to change you.
If only she knew my diaper and bed are also soaked...
Oh my God... You are completely soaked... Your diaper overflows...
Yes... I did everything in my diaper... Ooh yes Hélène, feel me, touch me like I'm naughty.
Moony6f: Ooh Hélène, it's so wet that it's irritating... I have to scratch myself.
It's good to touch myself in front of her... I think I will enjoy it. Ooh I'm doing another pee... I'm pissing in my diaper. Peeee!!! Ooh!!!!!!
Oh! Hélène! It's too irritating. It stings and it hurts when I scratch!
She enjoyed it! Oh my God she excites me!!!
Hélène, I feel like someone is watching us!
No miss, we are alone...
I hope you're right. I would die of shame if people found out about my nocturnal accidents, or found out about my diaper!
Even then I would not give up the pleasure of being in a warm, wet diaper! It's too exciting...
Moony7f: We don't need to be ashamed miss, it can happen that you can forget it in your sleep and flood the bed... We're women...
We... ? Why did you say "we"? It's mainly me...
Her little pussy is not just wet with pee... I too want to masturbate... I will try in the bath...
Well in fact, this night, I dreamt I had an urgent need, and when I woke up, I was peeing the bed... Fortunately we're alone. Otherwise I would be scolded and punished.
You're right, but imagine the shame if anyone learned that I peed the bed...
You're lucky, nobody will scold you!
Don't worry, I'm going to change our sheets and nobody will know we've been naughty...
I'm too excited! I feel her stream of pee in my hand!
I must be dreaming, she almost masturbates me when she washes me. Oh my God I peed out of fun...
I'm going to enjoy myself! I'm also peeing... But... In my pants!!!

Or something like that. Turned out to be quite a lot of work over just a few images.

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Re: Lumito's Place
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some of the movie links is working but some are broken. the link provided here however goes to the old version of the website. does anybody have a link to the new site.(i visited it but i forgot to bookmark it.)
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