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My gift to all...
« on: January 07, 2009, 12:39:47 PM » - (The Pee Movie List)!&sort=date (R.I.P.)

Also, don't forget the search features at these and other photo host sites:

And this site with photos like this:

Or searched galleries...

and blog sites like
and sites with discussion and search features:

and don't forget

(for example)

... Spend some time here, too
because of posts like

Specific parts of sites of various interest:

And again, for those that don't like downloading files (doc, rtf, pdf, etc.)  Google is your friend.  See an example here:

I gathered these over a few years, and are checked periodically for dead links.  While some may not be 100% related, and may need some hierarchical exploring upward, consider this my gift to all.