Author Topic: List of FD/WS scenes in Manga  (Read 368200 times)

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Re: List of FD/WS scenes in Manga
« Reply #585 on: December 31, 2017, 08:25:45 AM »
The first chapter of 峯田さんはうまくイカない has desperation in it.

The second one is out and the first one seems to be no more visible, but it feels like they were both half-chapters. Is it possible to find full versions of these?

The first chapter is still accessible at But I recommend downloading it now since it's not sure how long the link will still be accessible.

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Re: List of FD/WS scenes in Manga
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Bimonthly reminder.

Every two months until you like it

Ring ring ring.

First chapter of the newww yeaaarrr

It's time to read 『that』.



So I just randomly went to the site today and the new chapter is already up a month early.

We continue as usual. New chapter.

And it's that time again.

Never back down on love.



Master-level ruse.

4 months in a row!


Here we go again with another episode to enjoy!

Lewdness increases.

Also, the mystery of the missing chapter 20.

Looks like it's back to every 2 months again. Another classmate this time.

The Giriverse is dubious today.

Western-type scenarios

Surprise, new chapter with only a 1 month wait. I feel like the story might be ending soon.

Mysteries of the universe

A Christmas episode in November

The Alliance Alliance

Girigiri marches on

An unexpected 1 month early update

No one's gonna notify about the new chapter? I'll do it then. It's probably back to every month again!

New chapter!! The link hasn't appeared on the page yet, but you can access it at

Another one now

The chain continues

The ride never ends

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Re: List of FD/WS scenes in Manga
« Reply #587 on: January 12, 2018, 10:22:34 AM »
The post above looks like two pairs of sideways shimapan

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Re: List of FD/WS scenes in Manga
« Reply #588 on: January 20, 2018, 01:54:07 PM »

Chio-chan No Tsuugakuro is about a girl going to school and then dumb things happen to her to impede her progress. I learned it's getting an anime next season and one of the comments concerned a "sudden urge to use the bathroom" so I found the chapter and it's a good time. I really hope the anime does it justice (and maybe a little less shadow?  :blush: )